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    Saturday, March 9, 2013

  Largest Chocolate Bar Mosaic: Bendigo chain breaks Guinness world record
BENDIGO, VIC, Australia -- Over 1000 blocks of Woolworths Select chocolate bars were strategically placed in a design to say "Happy Easter" at the front of the Kangaroo Flat supermarket; the 21.62 square metre mosaic sets
the new world record for the Largest Chocolate Bar Mosaic, according to the World Record Academy:
largest chocolate bar mosaic world record set by Kangaroo Flat supermarket
  Photo: Store manager Ben Dillon stacks the final block of chocolate while local surveying consultants Tomkinson Group's Josh Ivins (left) and Kevin Thield measure the record attempt. Photo: Jodie Donnelan (enlarge photo)

  The Guinness world record for the largest chocolate bar mosaic is 18.35 m² (197.52 ft²) made with 1,500 bars of white chocolate and red coloured white chocolate (strawberry flavoured) by employees of (Switzerland) at Zurich Airport, Switzerland, on Valentine's Day, 14 February 2011.

  Guinness World Records also recognized the world record for the most entrants in an egg hunt competition: 12,773 achieved by The Fabergé Big Egg Hunt, as part of World Record London, in London, UK.

  Store manager Ben Dillon said it took six staff seven hours to build on Thursday night.

  Mr Dillon wanted to break a Guinness world record to promote the supermarket's Easter Fresh Fair today.

  Local consultant surveyors Tomkinson Group's Kevin Thiele and Josh Ivins were on hand with a steel measuring tape to verify the size of the mosaic in a first for the pair.
  "This is the first time I've ever measured chocolate," Mr Thiele said.

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