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  Tuesday, November 17, 2009

  Most expensive bottle of beer-world record set by Lowebrau

 LONDON, UK--A bottle of Lowebrau lager, recovered from the wreckage of the German airship Hindenburg after it burst into flames as it moored at Lakehurst, New York, on May 6, 1937, sold for over $16,000 (10,810)-setting the new world record for the Most expensive bottle of beer.

   Photo: The label on the Most expensive bottle of beer remains intact and legible, and though the brew survived the disaster, the auctioneer cautioned against quaffing the beverage, saying that the 62-year-old suds would "taste putrid." (enlarge photo)

  The Most expensive bottle of beer, heat-damaged but still sealed, was sold with an account of its recovery signed by Mr Smith. Fierce international phone bidding pushed up the price at Henry Aldridge auctioneers in Devizes, Wilts.   

 It was part of the collection of survivor Richard Kollmer.

   The brown bottle of Lowenbrau lager was discovered in the wreckage by Leroy Smith, a fire chief on the scene. Smith discovered a total of six bottles and a pitcher at the scene of the disaster.
   He distributed four of the bottles as souvenirs to colleagues and one to the Lowenbrau brewery in 1977, where it still remains.

   Smith buried the bottles on site because the police cordoned off the area to investigate the cause of the fiery accident. He later dug up the mementos giving five of the beers to his colleagues and keeping one for himself including the silver-plated jug. Smith's family kept the beer bottle and jug until they decided to sell it.  

   The previous Guinness world record for the highest price for a single bottle of beer is thought to be around 2,500 and auctioneer Alan Aldridge started bidding at 3,000.

   There was fierce competition from telephone bidders all over the world, mainly from the US. Mr Aldridge eventually knocked the item down for 9,400. With buyer's premium, the Most expensive bottle of beer will cost the purchaser 10,810.

  The prices for the Hindenburg memorabilia dwarfed those for items connected with Elvis Presley, Diana Ross, Peter Sellers and Paul McCartney.

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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

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