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  Largest department store-world record set by Shinsegae Centum City
  BUSAN, Korea -- Shinsegae Centum City, a shopping and entertainment complex consistsing of two wings, which are connected on every level to facilitate shopping, has a floor area of 509,810 sq. meters (5,487,594.84 sq. ft.)
, setting the world record for the Largest department store.

   Photo: The 14-story east wing houses a department store, restaurants, a gym, and a golf driving range, whilst visitors will find spa facilities, an ice rink, a multiplex cinema, and an art gallery in the 9-story west wing. (enlarge photo)    

   Shinsegae Centum City is part of a 12.6 million square-foot shopping and entertainment complex in the coastal city of Busan, announces Callison, the number one retail design firm in the world.

   “Centum City is rapidly becoming the center of Busan’s retail industry,” said Bill Lacey, Callison Principal. “It offers something for everyone and has quickly become a hub for the immediate community and surrounding area.”

  The previous world record for the Largest department store was held by Macy's Herald Square flagship, with a department store measuring measuring 198,500 square meters (2,150,000 ft²) of selling floor.

   Built on the former Busan airport site, Shinsegae Centum City is comprised of 14 floors above ground and four below ground. It cost 1.025 trillion won (USD 1.09 billion) to build.   

   Anchored by an eight-floor department store with separate buildings including an office tower, the multi-facet mixed-use center hosts a golf course, a movie theater, spa, grocery store, bookstore, ice skating rink and driving range.

  "The floors are all marble and there are crystal chandeliers in the middle of the store as one goes up or down the escalators.The first time I went there, I walked around on the floor that sold the kitchen accessories and bedding and I could not believe the number of people working on just that floor. It was as if they had a worker for each rack or shelf. It was a bit intimidating." ("An American in Pusan" Blog)

   The seven major luxury mall brands including Chanel and Cartier plus 60 various brands of cosmetics and clothes illustrate the high standards of this huge department store.

  Developed by one of South Korea’s leading developers – Shinsegae – the lifestyle destination is the country’s largest shopping center to date.

   The name of Shinsegae literally means "New World" in Korean.

   At Centum City not only can you enjoy shopping for luxury and foreign brands, but there’s also almost every entertainment facility you can imagine.

 The complex is directly connected to “Centum City Station” (Busan Subway Line #2) and a 10-minute drive away from Haeundae Beach. So you can shop, sightsee and relax at the beach all in the same day.

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   Sunday, May 17, 2009

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