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   Largest tow truck parade-world record set by the Metropolitan New York Towing Association
 NEW YORK, NY, USA -- 292 tow trucks (including flatbeds, wreckers and 50-ton rotators) rumbled through New York City, setting the world record for the Largest tow truck parade.
    Photo: 292 tow trucks spell out the words 'New York' on a runway at Brooklyn's Floyd Bennett Field after setting the World Record for 'Largest Tow Truck Parade' in New York. / Photo by Metropolitan NY Towing Association, Ray Stubblebine)
(enlarge photo)

 The trucks departed from Shea Stadium in Queens and cruised down a couple of highways before finishing at an abandoned airport tarmac to spell out "New York."      

 The previous world record for the Largest tow truck parade was set on Aug. 20, 2004, at Hampton Beach, NH, by a parade of 252 tow trucks.

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   Monday, September 22, 2008

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