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   Friday, August 7, 2009

  Biggest pint of beer-world record set in Timisoara
 TIMISOARA, Romania -- Timisoara Cultural Foundation (managed by Ioan Coriolan Garboni) had build a 6 meters-high mug beer with a capacity of 11.000 liters, weightin in 2.5 tones-which sets the new world record for the  Biggest pint of beer.

    (enlarge photo)
    “Timisoara , which is a town with a lot of premiers, has the oldest beer factory from the south-east of Europe and one of the oldest from the entire Europe, from 1718. "   

    "The initiative of the Timisoara Cultural Foundation was to bring forward the  Biggest pint of beer and we decided to break that Guinness world record from Malaysia.
    At a mug beer of 3 meters-as they have, we built o double one, for almost 3 tones, from complete stainless steel, of 6 millimeters grossness”, said Garboni, who is the manager of the “Banatul” Philharmonic from Timisoara.

   Mr. Garboni said that the cost of the  Biggest pint of beer would be 35.000 euros, but, as a matter of fact the real price was halved, due to the sponsors.

   “Its price would be 35.000 euros, but we paid only the halved price, because we were sponsored with material by Timisoreana beer factory”, said Garboni.
   The  Biggest pint of beer - a 6 meters high construction, which weights 3 tones- is to be found in 700 Square (in Romanian: "Piata 700") until September, when it will be moved in from of the "Timisoreana" beer factory.   

   Timisoara (western Transylvania) is a city with a long beer history. One of the oldest beer factory in Europe and the oldest from Southeastern Europe has been operated here since 1718.

     The  Biggest pint of beer project, supported by the famous mark of beer, had started on the initiative of Timisoara Cultural Academic Foundation (FACT) and of Banatul Philharmonic, beneficiary being the Timisoara City Hall.

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Friday, August 7, 2009

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