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   Largest collection of Scottish whiskies-world record set by Claive Vidiz 
  EDINBURGH, UK  -- A collection of 3384 whiskies was built up over 35 years by Brazilian connoisseur Claive Vidiz -setting the world record for the Largest collection of Scottish whiskies.

   Photo: In a speech to mark the opening of the collection, First Minister Alex Salmond said that Scotch whisky was one of Scotland’s most iconic contributions to the world. (enlarge photo)

He said: “Whisky is an iconic and high-quality product which has hugely influenced Scotland’s heritage, culture and economy.
    “A billion bottles of Scotch are enjoyed each year, and it is exported to 200 countries and generates more than £2 billion for Scottish exports.”

The whiskies were shipped from Brazil after specialists spent months preparing the collection, which has been bought in full by drinks manufacturers Diageo.

   Visitors will be able to tour the collection in a high-tech vault at the Scotch Whisky Experience on the Capital’s Royal Mile.

  The collection contains more than 3000 whiskies built up over 35 years by Brazilian whisky enthusiast Claive Vidiz, and has been shipped across the Atlantic especially to mark Homecoming 2009.

“To split up a collection which I have devoted more than 35 years of my life to would have broken my heart so I am truly thrilled Diageo has purchased it in its entirety. It is now in the hands of a company which is at the heart of the Scotch industry and I am certain they will cherish and develop the collection,” said Mr Vidiz.

As well as the collection itself, the exhibition features an interactive tour, charting the history of Scotch whisky from a cottage industry to a famous brand recognised world-wide.

 The huge collection, described by whisky experts as “invaluable”, is part of a £2 million investment at the Scotch Whisky Experience.   

  Among the many rare bottles is a Strathmill single malt produced to celebrate the Speyside distillery’s 100th anniversary. One of only 69 bottles ever produced, this limited edition centenary malt was offered to a very select few – including various heads of state and, fortunately for the collection, Claive Vidiz!

   A personal favourite of Mr Vidiz is Dimple Pinch, one of the first special editions of a Scotch Whisky ever produced. Bought in 1969 for US $1000, it was the most expensive limited edition bottle of Scotch Whisky on the market at the time.

   As a keen follower of Grand Prix racing, a Limited Edition Johnnie Walker Blue Label, signed in 2005 on the eve of the Brazilian Grand Prix by then Team McLaren Mercedes driver, Juan Pablo Montoya, is another of Mr Vidiz’s most cherished finds – particularly since Montoya went on to win the race the following day!

  “We are delighted to have worked with Claive to bring this wonderful collection safely back to Scotland and to play a part in preserving its legacy and historic significance,” said Bryan Donaghey, Managing Director of Diageo Scotland.
   “We are loaning the collection to the Scotch Whisky Experience where annually 200,000 visitors will be able to view the Collection in its atmospheric vault.”

   Julie Trevisan-Hunter, Marketing Manager for the Scotch Whisky Experience, said: “The collection ranges from standard, blended whiskies in every imaginable shape, size and alcohol content.
   “There are some extremely rare and exclusive single malts, where perhaps only 100 bottles were made, and then only given as gifts.

    “Visitors will see some really unusual things too – whisky inside a grandfather clock, whisky that’s been made into a chess set, for example.

    “I would challenge anybody in the world to come here and be familiar with every single whisky, there’s going to be lots of surprises within the collection.”  

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Tuesday, May 5, 2009 

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