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   Tallest Lego Tower-world record set in Vienna
 VIENNA, Austria -- It took nearly 460,000 bricks, was built over four days and has 96.73 feet (29.485 meters)-setting the world record for the Tallest Lego Tower.

   Photo: The tower included 121 plates designed and built by 3,000 kids using 2 x 4 Lego bricks, and was dismantled soon after the attempt was made official.
(enlarge photo)

   The kids participated in the building process to celebrate 100 Years of the Friends of Children festival in Austria.

Meanwhile, in Germany hobby workers are constructing what they hope will be the world's largest Lego bridge.

  The previous World Record for the Tallest Lego Tower was set at 96.13-feet (29.3 meters), last May in Legoland Windsor.

Previous world record:
  Tallest Lego Tower - Legoland park sets world record

   Tuesday, October 7, 2008

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