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  Tuesday, January 5, 2010

  Largest Performing Fountain-Dubai Fountain sets world record
  DUBAI, United Arab Emirates--Situated prominently in front of the world's tallest building, Dubai Tower, The Dubai Fountain is a thirty-two-acre lake with five rings of high-powered water jets leaping over 140 meters into the air, visible from more than 20 miles away-setting the world record for the Largest Performing Fountain.

The engineering and entertainment marvel's innovative use of projected light allows for the fountain to be visible from more than 20 miles away.

  (enlarge photo)

WET was commissioned by Emaar to design spectacular water features -- features that would make the Burj Dubai property a standout in a city of standouts, celebrating the tower as a must-see destination.
   "Water serves as a unifying element throughout the development," says WET CEO Mark Fuller. "As water's advocate, we've unleashed the kinetic energy of this element to bring people of all ages and all backgrounds together to relish in the stunning fountain performances."

   Creating a dazzling display of synchronized lights, music and water, leaping over a record-setting 140 meters into the air, WET utilized its patented XtreamShooters(TM), as well the world's most sophisticated submersive, robotic water jets ever developed.
    Additionally, cutting-edge technology and inventive use of projected light allows the Dubai Fountain to paint with light on its darting water forms .
   As the fountain performs its repertoire of over 1,000 individually choreographed elements, international music selections including Middle Eastern, African and Western pieces provide the beat.

    A complex water feature such as this typically requires three years from start to finish; WET and the Emaar team were able to finish the project in just 18 months.   

   Glowing with energy, Alluvion welcomes visitors to the entry of Tower Park. An inner circle, together with outer perimeter pools of pulsing water, envelops arriving guests with continuously developing patterns and waves.

    Lying outside the residential tower is Strata. Residents cross into a majestically serene environment as they walk through arcs of grass-laden, sloping water walls. At night, while beautifully lit, Strata's curved ramps emerge from the earth providing a lighted path for a relaxing stroll through tree-lined lawns. Strata's sister feature, Stricia, has a similarly patterned structure and incorporates rapidly pulsing water jets.

    Positioned in front of the grand Burj Dubai is Sabrah. Three water walls, made of volcanic rock, erupt from an underground basin, piercing through a wide, circular opening above. With their backs hugging one another, each of the three looming walls is lined with a red, effervescent interior. Sabrah's sparkling, ruby center is best seen beaming against the dark night sky while visitors peer over the edge of this circular expanse. Its basin generates a gentle wave, which creates an undulating rhythm amidst the bustle below, as this towering feature opens up to the sky.
    Mimeo is a series of shallow, reflective water pools that terrace down a stunning landscape. Appearing as slices of horizontal glass, these pools are in fact crystal-like, flat plates of water. Mimeo's purpose is to reflect, in expansive size, the magnitude of the Dubai Tower, which is seen mirrored in its entirety among the pools.

    Onda offers both children and adults a place to amuse -- and immerse -- themselves in the bliss of water's simplicity. Half is a sand-colored field of tiny jets, which pitches small pops of water into the air; the other half, a rainbowed wading pool generating gently rolling waves. The sound of feet splashing through water harmonizes with children's contagious laughter, while squeals of delight and unpredictable spurts of water surprise young and old.     
Burj Dubai Fountain Show at Night in Dubai

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   Tuesday, January 5, 2010

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