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   Largest number of boats on an inland waterway-Gippsland Lakes

[Jan 29]LAKE KING,Australia--An estimated 1000 boats took part in the inaugural Gippsland Lakes Boat Muster on Lake King.

   While 654 boat owners registered their vessels at the official Boat Muster website, fine weather attracted hundreds more and Water Police estimates put the total at 1000.
   (enlarge photo)

   The vessels included tinnies, runabouts, fishing craft, jet skis, yachts, high performance and classic timber cruisers and the sand dredge April Hamer.

   East Gippsland Mayor Cr Mendy Urie said the parade of boats around the five kilometre rectangular course made a stunning spectacle. “It was one of the most spectacular sites ever seen on the Gippsland Lakes”, she said. “

    It also showed what a truly amazing fleet of boats is based here and how much locals and visitors enjoy the beautiful lake system.”

   Cr Urie's enthusiasm for the Muster showed there was enormous potential for it to be further developed.

   “The fun atmosphere out on the water showed just how much support there is for it to become an even more exciting annual event,” she said.

    Cr Urie said the aerial photographs would now be studied to confirm the estimate.

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