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  Oldest international football ground-world record set by
Wrexham Racecourse

[June 18] WREXHAM,UK--WREXHAM’S Racecourse ground is officially the oldest soccer stadium in the world still hosting international games.

  Photo by One Oak Studios Ltd.  
 (enlarge photo)

  The first international at the Racecourse was held in 1877, with Wales losing 2-0 to Scotland.

  A World Records adjudicator is now set to visit the Racecourse to present a certificate to a representative of both the FAW and Wrexham FC at the forthcoming Wales U21 vs Romania U21 game on August 20.

  It is all thanks to faithful fan Glyn Davies who researched the stadium’s claim and applied to get the record.

  Yesterday dad-of two, 46-year-old Glyn, said: “It is great news. “To be honest it is down to the hard work of a lot of people in the last few years for which there may not have been a stadium at all.”

  Wrexham FC spokesman Geraint Parry said: “We are delighted, we have always accepted we may be the oldest surviving international stadium but never thought about getting recognition.

  “Credit to Glyn he decided to try and got the recognition. “Sometimes you don’t know what you have got until you are in danger of losing it as what has happened with the Racecourse in recent years.”

  Wrexham have played at the historic ground since being formed in the local Turf Hotel pub in September 1872. Redevelopment of the ground started in earnest after the war when the Kop end had concrete terracing installed.

  The latest addition to the ground was in 1999 with a new stand on the Mold Road side of the ground.

  The next oldest ground is Hampden Park, in Scotland, which held its first international a full 27 years after the Racecourse.


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