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Longest skateboard 24h ride-world record set by James Peters

[Nov 5] SEATTLE -- In support of a charity, a local skateboarder set out to break a world record by covering 200 miles on his skateboard in just 24 hours.

   On Oct. 27, James Peters raced the clock the entire day as he racked up the mileage and money for the Lance Armstrong's Livestrong Foundation.

    Packing four wheels, he set out to cover the distance equivalent to almost eight marathons. The challenge was new to Peters, but long-distance skateboard has been a long-time passion of his. "It's not a very well-known sport," he said.

   Peters helped pioneer long distance skateboarding starting in 1999. "Got into a little bit of slalom boarding about eight years ago, slalom skateboarding, which uses more of a pumping motion. And I found that it's a pretty efficient way to move around," he said.

    It's proven so efficient, in fact, that Peters even uses his skateboard to commute to work, a distance of 12 miles each way.

   Peters began at 8 a.m. on the 27th and rode around the Burke-Gilman Trail and the Sammamish Trail four times, which added up to a hundred miles. Then he circled Green Lake for another hundred miles. (Details here)

    "It's pretty intense. Eight miles is pretty much a chore. And 200 miles is insane," said Shane Donogh, skateboarder and Peters' friend. Friends like Donogh rode alongside Peter for parts of his challenge, but none rode the entire way.

    Propelled by muscle and willpower, Peter outlasted his companions as a tribute to those who face a much bigger battle every day.

    "It's a challenge, but it's nothing compared to, you know, what these people do every day. You know, battling cancer," Peters said.

    After a full day, one sunset and a sunrise, Peters finally came to a stop with 195 miles covered. Though his total mileage fell short of his original goal, it's still better than the current world record.

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