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   Longest California Roll - University of Massachusetts

     Wednesday, November 11, 2009
  Longest California Roll-UC Berkeley students sets world record
 BERKELEY, Calif., USA -- About 500 students, amateur sushi chefs at the University of California, Berkeley, assembled a 330-foot (100 meters) California roll-setting the new world record for the Longest California Roll.

   Photo: Cucumbers, surimi, and avacado were rolled together with nori and rice / Photo by Kristi-San/Flickr (enlarge photo)

 Students used 200 pounds of rice, 80 pounds of avocado, 80 pounds of cucumber and 180 pounds of fish, the latter donated by the Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute.
    And in a nod to the school's scores of vegetarians, the final 15 feet contained tofu instead of seafood.

   Organisers lined up dozens of tables that were manned by students and campus employees, creating a 100 metres of a California roll, complete with avocado, cucumber and faux crab meat.

   Members of the Japanese Graduate & Researchers Society dressed as ninjas started the giant project. The first table to begin rolling all the ingredients together was staffed by members of the Japanese Graduate & Researchers Society, who dressed in ninja costumes largely assembled from thrift stores.

   The record results for the Longest California Roll were verified by Japanese Consul General Yasumasa Nagamine and recognized by the World Record Academy.

   The stunt was part of a series of celebrations for the 50th anniversary of the school's Center for Japanese Studies.
    The yearlong celebration ends in December and will include a summit meeting of the heads of Japanese studies departments from across the United States to discuss the future of their field, professor Duncan Williams said.

    Sponsored by Cal’s Center for Japanese Studies and Cal Dining, the Longest California Roll was one event in a day-long celebration of Japanese cuisine.
    The event relied upon donated ingredients and funds from sponsors such as soy sauce producer Kikkoman, the California Rice Commission and the California Avocado Commission.

   Photo Galleries: California Roll Record
                               World's Longest California Roll 2009

    Students made the Longest California Roll in honour of the 50th birthday of the department, surpassing the previous Guinness world record holder, a 300 feet (91.44 metres) California roll made in Hawaii in 2001.
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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

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