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  Most expensives Rolex watches-world record set by Atiquorum

[April 23] NEW YORK, NY, USA--Nine world records were set at Antiquorum's massive vintage Rolex auction, entitled Revolution: The Evolution of the Rolex Sport Watch, commemorating the brand's 100th anniversary. In total, $8,515,260 worth of timepieces were sold to bidders worldwide.

   Photo: Double-Red Patent Pending Mark I Rolex, "Oyster Perpetual Date, Sea-Dweller, Submariner 2000, 2000 ft. / 610 m., Superlative Chronometer, Officially Certified," Ref. 1665. Made in 1967. Fine and extremely rare, center seconds, self-winding, water-resistant, stainless steel diver's wristwatch with double red Sea- Dweller logo, helium escape valve, date and a stainless steel Rolex Oyster Fliplock bracelet. (enlarge photo)

  The Apr. 17 thematic auction—Antiquorum’s first for a single watch brand—was held at its U.S. headquarters in New York City, with bidders from around the world on-site, online, and in Milan, Italy (via video conferencing).   

    Antiquorum said the auction set several world records (all prices including buyer’s premium).  

"Jean-Claude Killy" Rolex "Oyster Chronograph, Antimagnetic”, Ref. 6236. Made in 1958. Very fine and rare, tonneau-shaped, water-resistant, stainless steel wristwatch with round button chronograph, registers, triple date and a stainless steel Oyster bracelet. Accompanied by a fitted box.(enlarge photo)
Retailed by Cartier Rolex, “Cosmograph Daytona”, Ref. 6239, retailed by Cartier. Made in the early 1960s. Very fine and rare, water-resistant, stainless steel wristwatch with round button chronograph, registers, tachometer, steel bezel graduated to 200 units per hour, and a stainless steel Rolex Oyster bracelet. (enlarge photo)
Stainless Steel Milgauss Black Dial Rolex, “Oyster Perpetual, Milgauss, Superlative Chronometer, Officially Certified,” Ref. 6541. Made in 1958. Very fine and extremely rare, antimagnetic, water-resistant, center seconds, self-winding, stainless steel wristwatch with lightning flash seconds hand, honeycomb dial and a stainless steel riveted Rolex Oyster expansion bracelet.
   (enlarge photo)
Prototype No Valve Double Red Rolex, Oyster Perpetual Date, "Sea-Dweller Submariner" without helium escape valve, 2000 ft./610 m., Superlative Chronometer, Officially Certified, Ref. 1665. Made in 1967. Fine and very rare, center seconds, self-winding, water-resistant, stainless steel wristwatch with red Sea-Dweller logo, date and a Rolex stainless steel Fliplock Oyster bracelet. (enlarge photo)
British Military Issue Submariner Rolex

 (enlarge photo)
Comex-Submariner  Rolex

 (enlarge photo)
Early Explorer
(enlarge photo)
GMT Master Rolex

(enlarge photo)
Oyster Cronograph Rolex
 (enlarge photo)

Oyster Perpetual Rolex

(enlarge photo)

Among them:
  # a 1979 Oyster Perpetual Date Comex Sea-Dweller, which brought the highest price ($248,800);
  # two 1967 Oyster Perpetual Date Sea-Dweller Submariners--
  # a Double Red (Patent Pending) Mark I and
     a Prototype No Valve Double Red Sea-Dweller
--($237,000 each),
  # a 1973 Submariner issued to the British military ($166,800), and
  # a 1958 Oyster Perpetual Milgauss Black Dial in stainless steel $190,400).

   The most beautiful watch in the sale, the rare "Jean-Claude Killy" Antimagnetic Oyster Chronograph, fetched $155,000.

   The 270 lots took in more than $ 8.5 million. The event was a year in planning.
   "As Rolex turns 100 this year, we thought this would be the perfect opportunity to gather the best available examples of Rolex watches, displays and memorabilia to create a unique thematic auction that would appeal to collectors worldwide,” said Evan Zimmermann, Antiquorum USA managing director.

  Also drawing notable prices, said Antiquorum, were a “James Bond” Oyster Perpetual ($155,000), a rare "Jean-Claude Killy" antimagnetic Oyster Chronograph ($155,000), and a 1979 “Paul Newman” Oyster Cosmograph Daytona (166,800).

  The auction’s results are “strong evidence of collectors' appreciation for Rolex and established Tudor as a collector's brand,” said Julien Schaerer, Antiquorum USA auctioneer and watch director of Antiquorum USA.

   While collectors certainly paid a premium for historical value, not all the most attractive watches hit six figures.

   The super-stylish version of the Explorer known as the "Straight Hand Steve McQueen" went for a more modest $40,800, still a significant sum for this model.


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