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  Largest legal document-world record set by ING Life Insurance Romania

[April 14] VARNA, Bulgaria--ING Life Insurance Romania has issued a 9 meters height and 6 meters width insurance policy and set the world records for the largest legal document and the largest insurance policy.

   The policy contractor is Mr. Bram Boon, Chief Executive Officer of ING Life Insurance.

 (enlarge photo)

   He signed the document with a marker, in the presence of the World Records Adjudicator.   

           (enlarge photo)

             (enlarge photo)
                (enlarge photo)

“Since first entering in the Romanian market, ING Life Insurance made a long term commitment. We now have the world’s largest legal document and we will try to keep this record, as well as our leading position on the life insurance market in Romania”, said Mr. Bram Boon, the proud signatory of the Record Breaking document.

  The certificate awarding the new World Record was presented during a conference held in Varna, Bulgaria, attended by 850 sales consultants from all over Romania.

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