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  Sunday, November 22, 2009

  Largest monument to the onion-world record set by Pericei
 PERICEI, Salaj, Romania--During the Festival of Onion, a 21,32 feet (6.5 meters)- tall monument to the onion, ordered and sponsored by the business man Alexandru Tatar a.k.a. “Sandu of Pericei” has been inaugurated, setting the world record for the Largest monument to the onion.

   The monument to natural anti-flu aid, the onion, is made of stone, iron, concrete and resins, it is 6.5 meters high and has the natural color of the vegetable, costing $6,700 (over 200 million 'Lei') and it was made by the dean of the Faculty of Visual Arts of Oradea, Cornel Durgheu. (enlarge photo)

    “Through this monument, the onion became an act of culture. And not just any act, but an unique act in the world”, Durgheu said, on the uncovering of the construction.
    Ioan Mintas, the owner of CIAC company took care of the technical aspects of the work.

   “The Largest monument to the onion” was ordered and paid by a businessman from Pericei who settled in Oradea, where he is known as “Sandu of Pericei”. “Sandu of Pericei” was inspired by a monument to the tulip which he saw in Voorhout city, in southern Netherlands, and he ordered the statue of the onion to a sculptor in Oradea.

     Alexandru Tatar a.k.a. “Sandu of Pericei” began his business trying to “export” onions to Austria and Germany. The nickname that afterwards became a trade mark comes from the fame of this onion: “Sandu of Pericei”.
   “The truth is we produce the finest onion. It could be a firstling on the most precious tables, as caviar is the pearl among the fish products. The Pericei onion is a jewel in the world of vegetables”.    The cultivation of the onion is a tradition in Pericei commune, and many inhabitants earn their living on this activity, many of them considering the onion of the commune of Salaj is the most tasteful in the country, as the conditions of soil and temperature are the best.
(enlarge photo)

   The golden-copper onion bulb has a height of 4.5 meters, is made of spun glass and synthetic resins and it is covered with copper sheet. The base plate on which the bulb is set measures 2 meters in height and it is made of concrete plated with travertine.   

    The are documents that attest the use of the Pericei onion in the kitchen of the emperors of Vienna.

     The Mayor of the commune, Boncidai Csaba, says that the onion has now become a brand they are proud of and which they want to be known by the entire world. In his opinion, in each city there should be a symbol in which the past, present and future of the city to be present.

Businessman Alexandru Tatar, who paid for the metal structure, said: 'I once hated onions, but now I have made my fortune from them.' And some glory, too..
 At Makovo in Hungary, there is a (smaller) monument to the onion.

The city council of Drohobych, Lviv region, Ukraine, intends to construct a monument to the onion.The city that was the first to suffer from viral pneumonia had problems with protection masks, anti-virus preparations and disinfectors.
    However, the folk medicine and its most tested 'preparations' such as the onion and garlic, helped prevent from a rapid spread of an infection. As the city mayor Mykola Huk said, Drohobych residents like very much these vegetables and cultivated them since the ancient times.
    Although doctors' opinions regarding protective properties of the onion in countering flu viruses differ, they unanimously admit its positive influence on strengthening the immunity and rich vitamin content.
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Sunday, November 22, 2009

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