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   Largest flag made out of mineral water bottles-world record set by MVFRA
 KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia -- Malaysian Volunteer Fire & Rescue Association (MVFRA) and the Ue3 Shopping complex in Kuala Lumpur created a a 24.4m X 12.2m flag from 12,866 empty mineral water bottles which sets the world record for the Largest flag made out of mineral water bottles.

   Photo: The bottles were stuffed with recycled colour paper of blue, yellow and red. (enlarge photo)

MVFRA chairman K.Balasupramaniam said the project aimed to encourage recycling, inculcate the volunteering spirit and patriotism. Ue3 senior complex manager Jayantha Rajendra said this record-breaking project was unique as it required mass participation.

  The project has being carried out by plaza workers and members of Federal Territory Fire and Rescue Volunteers Club (MVFRA).  
   Their volunteer team had been beefed up with 75 students from the Form Four and Form Five students from SM Taman Maluri, Kampung Pandan.
The students were provided with lunch before they started working on cleaning the bottles, filling them with colour paper and arranging them in rows according to the colours.

This record-breaking feat was officiated by YB Datuk Megat Junid Bin Megat Ayob (former minister of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs) and it was displayed at Dataran Merdeka during the 42nd National Day celebrations.

   Tuesday, March 10, 2009

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