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 Largest US Flag-The Superflag-world record set by Thomas "Ski" Demski

  Long Beach, CA, US-- The "Superflag", made by Mr. Thomas "Ski" Demski, measures 505 feet by 225 feet and weighs 3,000 pounds, takes 500 people to unfurl, and sets the world record for the Largest US Flag.
    "Ski" Demski had this flag made of cloth and sewn together in Pennsylvania (his home state) and delivered to him on Flag Day June 14, 1992.
(click here to enlarge photo)

   Superflag's website says "The primary focus of Superflag is to bring patriotism, nationalism, and American sentiment back into our society. Superflag is but just one of many avenues available to do this."

   Superflag is a whopping 255 x 505 (ft) version of "Old Glory" and was hung on cables across the Hoover Dam to mark the 1996 Olympic torch relay. "It wasn't easy," was Demski's comment.
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  Superflag which weighs in at 3,000 lbs., has it's own motor home to travel in. No special equipment is required to move it, says Demski. "You just need a bunch of people to manhandle it."

   ...In 1980 "Ski" Demski decided to install a 120 Ft flagpole in front of his home. In July, 1980 on the christening day, "The Pole" flew a 30 x 60 Ft "Old Glory" on her staff.
   "Ski" then commissioned an "American Flag" for when the hostages from Iran returned. The size of the flag was 47 x 82 Ft. It was raised for the 444 day celebration on January 25, 1981.This same flag was used at the USC Library for when the former President Bush (I) was campaigning for Vice-President.

     That is when "Ski" decided to commission Superflag I, which was 95 x 160 Ft Superflag's maiden unfurling was at Tampa, Florida at Superbowl XVIII in January 1984. In the same year, the flag was presented at the Major League Baseball All-Star Game in San Francisco, California.
    In 1996 his World's Largest Superflag (255 x 505 Ft), 2.8 football fields large, was hoisted on Hoover Dam for the Olympic Torch Relay Crossing. "Ski" and the Superflag made it into the 1997 Guinness Book of Records for the "Largest Flag in the World.

    Photo: Super Flag on Hoover Dam
Superflag's grommet's were attached to heavy steel cables attached to the Hoover Dam by officials of the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation, which operates the Dam. The steel grommets every 30 inches where strong enough to hold the flag in heavy wind, and soon after the record required time period had passed, one cable snapped!

(click here to enlarge photo)

   Superflag has been unfurled at Superbowls, in front of the Washington Monument, even dangled from Hoover Dam for an awe-inspiring photo opportunity.     
    Mr. Thomas "Ski" Demski passed away on 19 January, 2002. Superflag will continue to be displayed across this great county for the Thomas L. Demski Trust, by Jim Alexander, as was direction in his Thomas L. Demski Trust; according to his own wishes, he was cremated and his ashes placed inside the 7-foot eagle atop the 132-foot flagpole outside his home.
(click here to enlarge photo)

      Out in front of Demski's Long Beach home stands a 132 foot flag pole, "The Pole." Demski was also a Pole, looks something like Santa Claus. A neon sign over his garage said "The North Pole." A 30x60 foot flag flaps atop the pole.

   Why flags? Demski said "Because it represents our country and what it stands for. It means freedom to me and there's no sweeter word."               
 Thursday, September 11, 2008

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