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  Largest Advertising Hoarding-world record set by Betfair

[June 20] VIENNA, Austria--Online betting company Betfair has secured the World Record for the world's largest advertising hoarding, which has to be viewed from the air and is located near Vienna airport.
   Photo: Football fans flying into the Vienna's International Airport will be able to see the advert which covers an area the size of more than fifty football pitches, spelling out the slogan: "NO.1 FOR FOOTBALL. AND STILL GROWING!"   (enlarge photo)

  The world's largest advertisement measures 1,380m by 316m, creating a total area of 436,000 square metres.

  It took nine tonnes of wheat seed, 53,000 marigold plants, 1.5km of cotton netting, as well as rape, camomile, mustard, clover, poppies and grass to create the ad. The individual letters are 44m high and up to 41m wide.
  The area is equivalent to 62 times the size of Trafalgar Square, or 8.9 times the size of Vienna's Ernst Happel Stadion, where the Euro 2008 final will take place on June 29.
       The world's biggest billboard video

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