World Record Academy

    New World Record Registration
    The four basic requirements to have a record recognized are:
    1) the attempt is measurable
    2) it can be breached*;
    3) it should be verifiable;
    4) it represent a real achievement, it's legal, moral and sets a good example for others.

    (Obviously, our "World's First" record category do not need to comply with the rule NR 2).
   If a record pass our tough verification process, it will be published on our website and may be included in our publications (WRA's Book of Records and/or e-books, Apps, TV documentaries, etc).

  To register your World Record with us, copy and paste the below text into your e-mail and fill in ALL the required info. You must send a SINGLE e-mail with all the requested docs, pictures and description of your record. Do NOT send us more than ONE e-mail about your record!

  You need to be at least 18 years old to submit this application; if you aren't, ask your parent or legal guardian to submit the form.

   You can benefit from our fast service if you have registered well in advance your record attempt (1-3 months for personal record attempts and 2-6 months for public events and mass participation attempts), you have our written permission, forms & instructions and, after you set the record, you have submitted it according to our instructions.

   If you haven't registered in advance your attempt to get our written approval or if you didn't submit it properly, your application will be REJECTED (unless you can obtain a waver by proving you registered with GWR and was rejected for a technicality-like many other applicants...)

  To register IN ADVANCE your record attempt, to receive our confirmation, our rules and our official forms, go to our 'submit a record attempt' page.

   Only personal records like 'tallest dog owned' or 'largest collection of' or similar can be submitted directly; ALL public events must be registered in advance!



   (ALL FIELDS ARE MANDATORY! Incomplete applications will be deleted!)

   I declare under penalty of perjury that the foregoing is true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief:

    1. World record's name:
    - don't forget to include the record's name in the 'subject' line of your e-mail, too);
   - the record's name should start with: 'most' or 'largest' or similar; check our website FIRST for similar records using our 'Search' page;

   a) Please mention WHO will own this record? (a person, a city, a company, etc): name, company, NGO, etc;

  b) do you have any other records with us or GWR? please specify/link;
   (This is only for statistic purposes; you still have to submit ALL the details about this record, even if you already have it recognized by GWR).

  c) Have you registered this record claim with Guinness, too? If you did, please mention the result (if you get any recognition, please mention the file number with GWR) and the reason you are submitting this record claim to us, too.

  d) did you get our prior approval for this event?

  2. Event date:

  3. City/village/:
      (district ?):

  4. record's website or Facebook page (if any):

  5. Links to 3 articles in ENGLISH (at least one must be included; foreign languages articles needs a quality translation):
(you may include up to 5; do NOT include articles announcing the event, only after-event articles; the article(s) must mention that your record attempt was approved by WRA);

  6. Link to your YouTube video
    (HD minimum resolution, 4K recommended)
  # you need to upload the file on YouTube at the HIGHEST resolution available and send us the link;
   # leave the original sound, do NOT use any copyrighted music! In most cases, we don't need you to record the entire event, you need to check with us before the event;
  # do NOT use a phone to make the video;
  # if you registered in advance your attempt, you already have specific instructions for your attempt and how to cover it on video;

  # the FULL video of the event need to be send by snail mail, on a quality memory stick;

    7. attach 3 high quality, professional photos, from different angles:
     photo 1: explanation & photographer's name;
     photo 2: explanation & photographer's name
     photo 3: explanation & photographer's name.
     Do NOT send any montage or watermarked pictures, only original photos & files!
    Send only original sizes, numbered files, NO compression; only quality photos can be used for verification & publication; don't forget to include images' explanations and photo credit;
   if we don't receive quality photos to prove your record, your application will be deleted; at this stage, do NOT send more than 3 high resolution photos!
   (You MUST include 3 high quality photos into your
e-mail, regardless the link at the next point);

    8. link to your Photo Gallery from this record attempt (Flickr, Picassa, Facebook, etc): ...........
    (mandatory for mass participation events):
    9. a) Your Press Release about the record attempt OR a 5-paragraph description; (use the model provided by us when you registered); if you don't include at least a brief description, your application will be deleted;
      b) surveyor's official report (if your record is based on size) or another type of legal metrology depending of your type of record);
Bureau of Weights and Measures' Report (for wheight based records);
        # accountant (CPA)'s Report (for records based on number of participants);
       # notary/lawyer's report (for all other types of records)
      c) witnesses statements;

        d) describe any other evidence you may have.
For charity-related events:
If you want to set a record on behalf of a charity or to raise funds for a charity, please specify if it has a legal recognition
     a) link to your latest Annual Report (link or PDF)
     b) are you using at least 70% of total expenses on program activities? Yes/No (add link or mention the Annual Report's page confirming this)    
     c) Charity registration number:

     d) are you using at least 70% of total expenses on program activities? Yes/No (add link or mention the Annual Report's page confirming this)    

   10. Previous world record (link or details):
   11. Your title: Mrs../Mr../M.S....;
   12. First name:
   13. Last name:
   14. Date of Birth (day/month/year):
   15. Gender:
   16. e-mail:
    b) secondary (backup) e-mail:
   17. Organization, if any (for Business use):
   18. Your Address (NO P.O. boxes!):..............; City/ village (specify):
   19. Daytime Phone for courier delivery:
   20. Evening Phone (for media inquiries)
        What type of smart phone do you use daily (iPhone, Blckberry, etc) ? [ knowing this helps us in developing future Apps]
   21. Send us by courier (UPS, FedEx, DHL, EMS):
       a) the forms you received from us;
       b) any printed promotional material you may have;
       c) original surveyor's report;
       d) original notarized statements
       e) any other evidence in original
       f) 3 newspapers with articles about your record
         (full newspapers, not just paper clippings)
       g) proofs of funds raised & donated (if you registered the attempt as a fund-raising event)

     Send all these to:
     World Record Academy LLC
     Attn.. Record Verification Dept..
     Ref: (your record's name here)   
     Address: 8345 NW 66TH ST,
                   #6441 Miami, FL, USA
                    Zip 33166-2626
     Phone (for courier only): available upon request
    Please note: we can't ship the w.r. certificate until we have the original documents on file!

   22. name your sponsors (name and website):
   23. List of participants (if your record is based on the number of participants):
   # list of participants: you can include a Word list or Excel file with the list of participants; it will be added (through a link) to your record's page (only if the record was recognized by WRA).
    NOTE: Please send us a SINGLE e-mail with your registration; if you send us more than one e-mail, your e-mail may be deleted by our system!


  Send your new world record application to:
  record2017 @
  (remove spaces before and after '@')

   On the 'Subject' line of your e-mail you must mention:  record's name / place: City, State, country / date
  (if you don't, our system can not be process your application)
   Do NOT use Word or .docx attachments, just type the answers as text only, directly into your e-mail.    
   Please do NOT send the same e-mail twice because BOTH e-mail will be deleted by our system!

   # you must submit your new (unofficial) record and the signed forms within 5 days;
   # if you submit this application within 2 days after your record attempt, your record will be listed on our News page; if you submit at a later date, it will be included in our database (if recognized).

    ALL documentation needs to be in English; press articles in foreign languages needs to be translated in full.

   ONLY serious applications will be considered and reviewed closely; if you don't provide all the required answers, evidence for your claim and quality photos, do NOT expect any answer from us!

    Please do NOT send the same message twice, because BOTH messages will be deleted by our system and your application may be REJECTED!

     If you don't have our answer within 10 days, you can also contact us regarding your submission through our Facebook page (don't forget to include record's name).

   You can NOT claim that you have an official world record or the "world record holder" title until we compete proper verification and you receive our written confirmation; until then, you have an 'unofficial world record pending verification from WRA.'  

   Multiple records: if you attempted more than one record, start by registering the most important FIRST and just mention the other ones and you will receive further instructions from us; do NOT send more than 1 record application before receiving our answer!

    [World Record Certificate




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       Longest playable stringed musical instrument: CapitaLand Singapore

     Largest mattress: Dolidol Maroc  

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