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   Oldest newspaper columnist-world record set by Margaret Caldwell 
  MESQUITE, NV, USA -- Margaret Caldwell, 1940s pin-up girl and friend of famous film stars, now 102 years old, writes a weekly column for the Desert Valley Times in Mesquite, Nevada, setting the world record for the Oldest newspaper columnist.

  Margaret Caldwell in 2009

"I think the slogan 'What happens in Las Vegas stays in Las Vegas' is totally wrong," she told OhmyNews. "It denotes the wrong kind of reputation for Las Vegas. What happens in Las Vegas should be in the public domain as far as I am concerned."

  David Bly, editor and general manager of the Desert Valley Times, says "I interviewed Margaret as a centenarian, and was so taken with her wit and sharpness I asked her to write a weekly column, which she has been doing faithfully ever since under the title, 'Memoirs of a Crone,' which was her choice of titles.
   "She simply writes about her life, and our readers are very fond of her... She still has a way with words."

Margaret Caldwell: "I was born on Feb. 1, 1907, in the backwoods of Minnesota on a homestead, 25 miles from Backus, which now has a population of 2,500 people, the year before Henry Ford came out with his first Model T Ford."
   Photo: Margaret Caldwell was a pin-up girl in the 1940s

  " I have seen the history of the 20th century; watched the boys leave for war -- World War I, that is, as well as World War II, The Korean Conflict, Vietnam, Desert Storm and Iraq. I remember the 1918-1919 flu epidemic. Any 100 year old has done a lot of living. I think I have packed more into my lifetime than most."
   "Presently I write a weekly column for a local newspaper, based on my insights and understandings of the past and present. I'm currently putting together my own website called"

   “People often wonder about my religious beliefs at age 102. I am not a follower of organized anything but the encompassing thrill of the spirit of compassion that surrounds our world.
   I do not go to church. In this world church to me is a business — I do not find God there. Perhaps I am Wiccan. All my life I find God in nature, sweet and calm and loving.” - Margaret Caldwell, 102, the world’s oldest newspaper columnist.

Margaret Caldwell on

  Wednesday, April 22, 2009  

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