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Most people inside a soap bubble-Dr Robyn Wheldon-Williams sets world record    

     Largest number of people inside a bubble

[Nov 24]LONDON,UK--A bubble enclosing 50 children has set a new record of having the highest number of kids bound in a bubble before bursting.

  The bubble was 11ft across and more than 5ft high before it burst.
  (enlarge photo)

   The creator of the bubble was bubbleologist Sam Heath who shaped it at the Science Museum in London.Mr Heath used the wand - a large hoop - to make a bubble enclosing the whole group, succeeding at the fourth attempt.    

   The children, all of whom had to be over 5ft, squeezed on a stage surrounded by a moat of soapy water, reports the Daily Mail.

   Heath, then, dipped a wand - a metal hoop with a 36ft circumference - into the solution, before raising it above their heads.

     Heath had briefly held the record in 2006, when he encased 19 school kids in a bubble in Surrey. The new bubble has popped the previous record of 42 bubble-bound children.

   The record breaker coincided with the opening of the museum's flagship interactive gallery of physics phenomena, entitled Launchpad.

   Launchpad features 50 new, live, previously-unseen interactives, devices and experiments. Visitors launch rockets, capture multicoloured shadows, turn heads into sound boxes and control magnetic clouds.

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