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   Largest gathering of wheelchair users on ice-world record set by PSI Network Leeds

  Largest gathering of wheelchair users on ice-world record set by Leanne Grose

[Jan 19]CORNWALL, UK--Leanne Grose, 26, joined 47 scores of other wheelchair users from across the country to set the record for the largest gathering of wheelchair users on ice.

    Ms Leanne Grose, who was first diagnosed in 2001 when a tumour was discovered on her left foot, said: “There aren’t many opportunities for people in wheelchairs to get involved in exercise and set world records. “I wanted to do something which every wheelchair user could join in with and have fun."
   (enlarge photo)

   Local government worker Ms Grose, from Truro, Cornwall, said: “It was a fantastic event and everyone had an amazing time. “I have spoken to children in their wheelchairs and heard their stories, it was very humbling.”

    Ms Grose's left leg was amputated below the knee in 2002 and two years later more of the leg was amputated. She underwent further surgery in 2006.
   She organised the record bid to celebrate the launch of her DVD - Leanne’s Chair Workout - which was filmed at the Eden Project.

   Leanne Grose, of Truro, Cornwall, has turned a potentially devastating situation – a rare form of tumour and the loss of her left leg at the age of 20 – into a life full of triumph in the face of adversity.

   Miss Leanne Grose was diagnosed with an aggressive and rare cancer of her foot in 2001. He leg was amputated below the knee, but the cancer returned and a second operation was necessary. A local government officer, she underwent further constructive surgery in 2006.

    Since the loss of her leg, Miss Grose started to gain weight and soon realised she would need to develop new ways of keeping fit and getting regular exercise. Last year, she decided to self-fund the making of a DVD and set up her own website, which made has already made its mark worldwide and resulted in letters flooding in from all over the world asking for help and support.

    Written with refreshing honesty, 'Just A Step ' is Leanne's story highlighting her gritty determination, an incredible spirit and a genuine zest for life.

     Her autobiography serves as an inspiration to everybody. Despite her amputation and the resulting difficulties, Leanne has appeared on the television programme, Jade's PA, set up her own website and self-funded the making of the unique DVD, 'Leanne's Chair Workout'.

    With a £1,000 bank loan, she embarked on designing a fitness programme for 'amputees, the elderly and the overweight', and has produced a 90-minute DVD featuring workouts for the whole body. It will sell for £15.99 at HMV, Amazon, Asda and Tesco online and

   Determined to share her philosophy, she began writing her story in May 2007 and the finished book, Just A Step, published by Green Umbrella, is available from WH Smith and Waterstones from Wednesday or direct from

  "My book is not a sob story," she said. "Amputation is definitely not the end of the world."

   Leannes Chair Workout Fitness DVD



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