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  Tallest roller coaster model-world record set by Branden Moyer

PA, USA-- Branden Moyen, 18, has build a 36 feet tall, 50 feet long free-standing roller coaster model, setting the world record for the Tallest roller coaster model.

  Photo:  Branden Moyer, 18, constructs a record-setting free-standing model roller coaster model out of thousands of K'NEX toy pieces. Jeremy Drey/Reading Eagle (enlarge photo)

   This amazing working roller coaster is 36 feet tall, 50 feet long.. made entirely of K'NEX.

   ...after several tries the coaster car wouldn't make it around the track that Moyer made completely out of K'NEX, which means it can't be considered as a world-record toy.
   Even nonoperational, Moyer's monstrous machine is an impressive sight. Onlookers gazed upward in amazement at the towering lattice of K'NEX stretching toward the sky.
   World Record Academy has decided to recognize Branden Moyen's impressive efforts and dedication by including his (very first roller coaster) creation under the model category.

  His coaster is a 1/10th-scale replica of Kingda Ka, a 456-foot high steel behemoth at Six Flags Great Adventure in New Jersey, one of Moyer’s favorites.

   Onlookers gazed upward in amazement at the towering lattice of K'NEX stretching toward the sky.

   "It really came together well," Moyer said. "It's amazing what a toy can do for you."

  In all, Moyer estimates that he used 35,000 to 40,000 K'NEX pieces and spent $6,000, much of it donated by 30 local businesses that have sponsored the project. The track is about 400 feet long and the roller coaster car will travel up to 70 mph, after being slingshotted to the top of the first hill by 25 rubber bands.

  Roller coasters have been an obsession for Moyer ever since he took his first ride on one as a anxious 13-year-old. Terrified before that first run, he was hooked by the time it was over. Over the past five years Moyer has traveled to amusement parks across the U.S. and ridden on about 50 different coasters.

   Branden Moyer: “Anything that makes you feel sick in the stomach, that's my type.”

   His dad, Ken A. Moyer, said Branden spends a lot of time watching the Discovery Channel, anything to do with engineering.
    “He’s just so focused, and he’s been focused for a few years now,” Ken Moyer said. “It’s very rare to have a teenager that focused on something. But he’s a good kid. He’s not out on the streets. He’s building roller coasters.”

     He plans to turn his passion into a career. In August he will head to The Disney Institute in Orlando, Fla., where he will work at Disney World while taking theme park-oriented classes. His dream is to become one of about 100 Americans who make a living designing roller coasters.

    Branden Moyer: "If you dream big it can happen. I mean this was just a dream and with sponsors and people believing in you and believing in yourself- you can really accomplish anything."
    Watch also the 69 News video, click here
    Saturday, July 19, 2008

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