Longest lobster roll world record

    FAKE NEWS samples:

    P.E.I. believed to have regained world record of longest lobster roll
   by Mitch MacDonald
   The Guardian, Charlottetown, CANADA
   "While the World Record Academy still has to evaluate the results to make it official, it appears as though the roll was long enough to beat Shediac, N.B.'s previous record of 180 feet from this past July."

   WRA's answer to all these fake news:
   We haven't heard about this (unauthorized) record attempt; this new 'record' is a FAKE!...and the LOCAL so-called 'journalist' (Mitch MacDonald) should have contacted us before printing such a story and using our name!
(Sept 29, 2017)

    'Take that Shediac!': P.E.I. reclaims world record for longest lobster roll
   by Nicole Williams , CBC News
   "Shediac held the previous record with a lobster roll measuring about 55 meters long, but today, at 61 meters, it looks like the title is back on the island, though it won't be official until the results are evaluated by the World Record Academy."

   Longest lobster roll? Not so fast, New Hampshire  
   Kevin Yarr, CBC News
   "Last week, a chef in Portsmouth, N.H., claimed he'd created a 48.6-metre lobster roll, topping the P.E.I. record, as verified by the World Record Academy.
   The association believes the New Hampshire roll was not made from one continuous piece of bread — general manager Ian MacPherson said the World Record Academy is specific about that requirement."

   New Hampshire Brewery Sets Lobster Roll World Record With 159-Foot Sandwich Of Your Dreams
    by Cass Anderson / BroBible
   "After this lobster roll was certified as the new world record sandwich the restaurant donated over 48-pound of this glorious lobster creation to charity. This world record lobster roll was later broken out into individual servings..." - there was NO record!

   The Great U.S.-Canada Lobster Roll War
   By Cara Giaimo / Atlas Obscura
    "In order to be deemed legitimate by the World Record Academy—a competitor of Guinness that offers "unlimited categories"— a record-breaking roll "has to be one unified bread from one end to the other," says Cormier.
   ...Afterward, they sent paperwork into the World Record Academy to be certified." (BIG, FAT LIE!)

   ...more to come...

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