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     Largest Biryani-world record set by Indian chefs

[March 1]NEW DELHI, India--Sixty Indian chefs on Saturday cooked a rice dish weighing 13-tonne (28,600 pounds) and set the world record for the largest Biryani.

  AFP Photo:Dozens of Indian chefs used 12,000 kilos of rice to make the world's largest Biryani   
   (enlarge photo)

  Three cranes dumped 3,000 kilos of Basmati rice, 85 kilos of chilli peppers, 1,200 litres of oil and 3,650 kilos of vegetables into a giant vat at a New Delhi sports stadium.

   “It’s a unique event,” remarked Sushil Kapoor, one of the cooks. “It’s not easy to cook such a large amount of biryani. We started in the morning and took more than six hours to cook. But we enjoyed doing it.”

   The steel vat was mounted on a three-foot high furnace while the chefs clad in fire-resistant outfits perched on a platform to stir the biryani -- one of South Asia's most popular dishes -- with oar-like ladles.

   The cooks threw "a pinch of salt" weighing 86 kilos into the 16-foot (4.87-metre) deep steel vat, organiser Gurnam Arora said.

   The sponsors used a hose to pour 6,000 litres of water into the vat and sprinkled 10 kilos of exotic spices and aromatic condiments to prepare the tangy biryani, Arora said.

   "This is a great activity to revive the feasting and celebration tradition associated with biryani in India," New Delhi Chief Minister Sheila Dixit said.

   The dish would be divided and trucked to city orphanages once Ishikawa certified the weighing of the cooked biryani, garnished with carrots and 750 kilos of creamy yogurt, Arora said. "This event is a one-of-a-kind endeavour unmatched by any other past culinary activity," Arora said to the cheers of hundreds of spectators.

  Lalitt Gattani, CEO of Showcraft, one of the organisers, said the aim of cooking such a humongous amount of biryani was to break the last record created by them and maintain India’s position in the category.

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