Tuesday, December 21, 2010

  Longest serving Cub Scout den mother: Adele Trapp set world record

 NEW YORK, NY, USA--Adele Trapp, 96, first volunteered to serve as den mother for Pack 263 in Brooklyn's Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood 53 years ago and has been attending weekly meetings ever since - setting the new world record for
the Longest serving Cub Scout den mother.

Photo:  Adele Trapp (c.), 96, has been a Cub Scout den mother in Bed-Stuy for 53 years - setting the new world record for the World's Longest serving Cub Scout den mother. Photo by: Mecea
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   "It's beautiful; it's very nice," Trapp said in accepting a Guinness World Records certificate honoring her achievements this week at St. Phillips Church. "I'm not out for an award."

    Trapp, 96, has attended weekly scout meetings of Bedford-Stuyvesant's Pack 263 for more than half her life and has taught kids arts and crafts while offering pearls of wisdom.

   "She loves children. If we are at home, I'll hear her say 'Where are the children?'" said her daughter Evelyn Rainford, 75, who is cub master to the same Brooklyn scout group. "She's just a simple lady who loves children. That's the bottom line."

  The previous Guinness world record for the Longest serving Cub Scout den mother was set by Marion Rohner, who served 43 years with the Hudson Valley Council Boy Scouts.

  Trapp was previously celebrated a Guinness world record holder at the age of 90, when she was honored as the oldest person working in New York's public school system, the New York Daily News reported.

  Guinness World Records also recognized the Longest serving newspaper columnist: Jack Ingram, (UK), also known by the pen name, White Eagle, Ingram is the longest serving columnist with 71 years of published weekly columns.

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