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   (Please note this is only a random selection; for clarity and space, in some cases we have edited or combined more messages into a single one)

   The President, IOA wishes to place on record our deepest appreciation and gratitude to you and the Team at WRA for your excellent guidance, approval and certification of our maiden World Record Event "Highest number of free orthopaedic surgeries, India, 3-5 August 2016".
   I am very glad to inform you that I received the Certificate yesterday, late due to severe storm here at Chennai, otherwise the parcel had landed at Chennai 3 days back!
   I must say it is one the most elegant and impressive certificate and means a lot to us. Thank you once again!
   Sir, IOA is greatly indebted to you and WRA in general and has now become a household name for WRA. So much so now the biggest State in India, Uttar Pradesh is contemplating a new medical world record of sorts through WRA and have appointed me as the Nodal person. I shall soon submit the new registration!
    Dr. C Raja Ravi Varma
   [Most Free Orthopaedic Surgeries]

   We are very happy with the results thus far and will definitely work with you again. Thanks!
   Dr. Greg Marchand
   [Laparoscopic Ovarian Cancer Staging Surgery on the Largest Tumor]

    I'm writing to thank you for your job and our effective cooperation. We've received the reprinted certificates in time and we were ready for all events that had been planned (photos from the events are attached).
   I wish you good luck and further success in your work.
   Sincerely, Olga Mamonova
   [Largest mobile skating rink: Moscow]

   Thanks for your advice on the press release. I can say I was pleased and excited that you all responded the same day I sent in a request, and even today as I've sent a few emails to further inquire. I've waited weeks to hear anything from GWR.
   Thanks, John

   [Longest Soccer Marathon Attempt]

   Thank you once again for your efficiency and professionalism. We didn't even get to try it with GWR due to their stringent and ridiculous requirements. You could swear we're trying to rip them off, yet we paid them!!
    I also assure you that we will highly recommend you over Guinness for any World Record attempt. Our record is to be our first record which has already cost us a fair amount, especially after the Guinness issue. I've already burnt my fingers with them...
   Thank you for your assistance,

  [Greatest distance on a scooter in 24 hours]

   Thank you for your quick response!
   It has been so nice working with you!
   When this is done let me know if I can help with anything.

[Most Tire Flips in 1 Hour using 690 lb tire Attempt]

   Thanks for your quick and clear answer.
   With kind regards,
   Welmoed van der Goot Project Manager

   [Bike Bell Ringing Attempt]

   We are again very excited about the possibility of the record. We have actually already scheduled an event in Washington DC.
   We've had a very bad experience applying with Guinness World Records, where we were asked to apply for the "Fast Track" process and had to pay about $600 and months of time wasted.
    This record, unlike any individual feat, means a lot for the Tibetan People at this crucial stage of history and we hope you will take a bit more attention to it that the usuals.
    We do not have a lot of money, the Guinness people ripped us, they kept us in dark all the time until they got the money. We believe you are much better than them.
   Best wishes
   Jamyang Dorjee Chakrishar
[Longest Calligraphy Scroll]

   How exciting! Thank you for including Lukas in your wonderful records - I'm sorry we've been out of town, I'll get those pictures over to you. I sure appreciate your time and efforts. What a fun adventure!
   My best, Karen

   [Smartest Horse - Lukas the Horse]

    I apologize, had I known about your company I would have came to you guys first. It was actually a member of that forum that tipped me off to you guys. I certainly wish I had known beforehand.
   Guinness really has been absolutely nothing but a nightmare. This is going to become a yearly event for us, so we'll continue to use you instead of them in the future. I don't have enough bad things to say about dealing with Guinness. You guys are a dream compared to Guinness.
    We're looking to repeat this process in late July or early August with Chevy Camaros. When we start planning that one, we'll specifically go through you guys and not Guinness, and I'll be sure to purchase our merchandising through you guys as well (it'll save us a ton of hassle). We'll contact you much earlier in the process of planning that one.
    I'm thouroughly impressed with what you guys have to offer though. I apologize for not finding you sooner!
    Take care,
    Kurt Wojda / Internet Marketing Manager Heinrich Chevrolet

 [Largest Chevy Truck Parade-Heinrich Chevrolet ]

    This thing is getting bigger than i expected. Gertting calls from all over the world. It was featured in over 100 countries and was all over the news. I found out about your organization because you had it on your page. I will be featured shortly on The Today Show for my upcoming Hugging Events around the counrty.
   Thanks, Jeff Ondash.

   [Most Hugs Given in 24 Hours - Jeff Ondash]

   We applied for guiness for this record and they said it is a record.. except they wanted $2500 to come out and comferm it was. We have sponsors who can pay for our certificate and new casters that want to do a story on this. I dont mind spend 400 or 500 but 2500 is to much for our familey. Let me know if you guys need anything else!
   One proud parent Keith Sr

   [Youngest Billiard Player - Keith O'Dell Jr]

    I am appreciating your quick answers. We are interested in registering our record attemot at WRA.
   I appreciate your simpler way to manage this issue, compared to GWR. We are not sure whether to continue with GWR or not, depending on some requirements that seem difficult to comply and outside the scope of the proposed record.
    (Update: we had a lot of troubles while trying to process our record with the Guinness World Record. They behave in an unacceptable way, we are troubled by them.)
   Regards, Giorgio Turconi

  [Longest softball fastpitch game record attempt]

   Thank you so much for this recognition. We will be sending you the needed material and DEFINITELY will order the World Record Certificate. It was very nice of your organization to award the efforts of our entire community and Glen Oaks Community College. I enjoyed the article your organization has posted and we have linked your site to our home page. Thank you again for this recognition!
   Lester Dr. Lester A. Keith
   Doctor of Business Administration
   Professor of Business Administration Glen Oaks Community College

  [Largest Meatball - Glen Oaks Community College]

   We received the package with our world record certificate and it looks great, thank you!
   Mahadevan Pavithran / CEO
   Travancore Cocotuft Ltd India
   [Longest doormat - Travancore Cocotuft Ltd]  

    Thanks a lot for prompt action!
    You are really super persons and God will bless you for all good jobs. Please do not hesitate to contact in case you need anything further. Have a nice week end.
   Best regards, Kashi Samaddar

   [Most countries visited-Kashi Samaddar]

    I would like to express my great gratitude for this news.
    Kind regards, Romuald Koperski

    [Longest piano concert - Romuald Koperski]

   It is very satisfying to see that our hard work has been recognised. I have cascaded this link to all players and referee's. Obviously they are very happy. Can I ask how we can claim our certificates please? I think we will need a few.
   Kind regards,
   John Morgan
   Surrey County Council

   [Longest 5-a-side football game]

   Thanks for your explanation of the distinction - it was quite expressive. It is nice to know there are others who track records and ensure record keeping isn't a selective monopoly. I appreciate the coverage on your site and will be sure to mention your organization at my launch event to participating media.
   Cheers, L. Nuwame / Azikwe Ltd.

   [Largest board game-Luanga Nuwame]

   I write to you on behalf of Mrs. Asha Bhosle, who has been included in your records as the most recorded artist in the world. She turns 76 on 8th September 2009 and it could not have been a more fitting gift. As her son and manager, I would like to order a certificate for her. Please let me know the details.
   Thanks, Anand. (Her Son)

   [Most Recorded Artist-Asha Bhonsle]

  It is so nice that yours is a very ethical approach towards the record applicants, who many a times do something unusual, extra-ordinary and difficult without any motive of financial gains.
   With Best Wishes,
   Mrs. Rama Satish Shah

  [Most Ganesha Idols Made in 99 days-Rama Shah]

  Thanks very much for recognizing our record! Nice to see that Guinness aren't the only game in town anymore!
   Best of luck with growing WRA!
   Lianna   [Longest rickshaw ride]

    Thank you for listing our world record on your site. I am very happy to see it there, and I think your site looks great. Many thanks for your help.
   All the best,
   Damian Cardozo
   Managing Director, Haxnickx Ltd.

   [Longest solar-powered flight by paramotor]

  Thank you very much for speedy upload of our record on your website!
   with regards,
   Paresh Mathur
   Dy. General Manager - Stone India Limited

   [High reach pantograph-Stone India]

   Thanks for prompt reply and clarification! You are an excellent person. God will give you success and lots of happiness.
   Best regards/ Kashi Samaddar

   [Most countries visited-Kashi Samaddar]

   I have received the world record certificate and the Medal; we all are we all are thankfully to you! Thanks for your support to the kid and for yours motivation.
    Many thanks from our entire family! Thank You!     Ajit D Kokane , Rohane's Father

    [Longest blindfold limbo skating]

   Here is the photo of me with your certificate. It is normally displayed proudly on the wall in my game room next to the pool table.
  Chef Anton / Tallest Trick Shot

   Please accept my sincere heartfelt thanks and appreciation for listing my record. I take no personal gratification from this as I stated earlier in one of my emails, just great pleasure from the fact that I am somehow helping to keep Elvis's name alive.
   Thanks again. Carmel J. Delia (DeeJay CJ)
   [Longest Elvis Presley Song-Playing Marathon]
   Just for the record...I'd like to send you a big thank-you. :)
   Warm regards, Susan Pascale

   [Youngest String Orchestra at Carnegie Hall]

   We are really nice surprised by your report about our record on your website. We would like to thank you very for our link on your website.
    Best regards,
    Stepánka Havrlíková

    [Largest Cappuccino-Prague]

   We are very excited that we are now official and have received the certificate. I need to get you some photos.
   Thanks for your help.
   Robbie Bettis

   [Most Scarecrows in one location- Hoschton]

   It was good to see my most recent GWR posted on your site. I'd like very much to have a world record certificate from you, which I have received in the past for my 111 hour GWR in July 07 from the World Record Academy….
   I liked that certificate because I was able to customize the text which helped memorialize the event….I'd like to do the same for the most recent record and of course, if possible, the May 08 record…..pls let me know how I might proceed…..thanks!
   George Hood

   [Longest stationary bike riding]

    I was very delight to see Haris' record on your website. I am so impressed of your punctuality & sincerity, lot of thanks. Thank you for your kind co-operation.
   Huma Imtiyaz Khan (Mother)
  [Youngest live portrait artist - Haris Imtiyaz]

  Thanks for the email just checked your website out and seen the link, many thanks - Im still going and have reached my 79th marathon today and will be continuing till I reach marathon 100 in Birmingham on 23rd Sept. I will update you with pics of the end after Ive finished.
   Many thanks,

   Mike Buss
   [Running most consecutive marathons]    

   It is a great privilege to be listed on your site.    Scott Napier
   [Fastest cycle of the panamerican highway]

   Thanks working with me on this it is SOOOO exciting!!!!!
  [Youngest person to have built an electric truck]

    I recieved certificate's- really pleased. Ihave gave one to star radio and will send you a new photo of Jack and his certificate asap.
     Best wishes,
     Bob Hill / Jack's Dad
     [Youngest male radio presenter]

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