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  Largest number of bird species spotted-world record set by Alan Davies and Ruth Miller
  LONDON, UK -- Alan Davies, 46, and Ruth Miller, 43, have observed 4,327 different species during their year-long tour-setting the world record for the Largest number of bird species spotted in a year.
 Alan Davies and Ruth Miller (photo) , who met through their work for the RSPB, sold their house in Llandudno, North Wales to fund their trip, which took them from humble British back gardens to Arctic ice packs.

   Mr Davies, 47, said: "Birds are my passion, always have been. From a very early age, birds have been the focus of my life. "To see birds in wonderful places is what I live for."

 They sold their houses in Llandudno to fund the trip, titled The Biggest Twitch, which has spanned British back gardens, Asian rainforests and Arctic ice among other terrains.

  Ms Miller, 44, said: "Knowing we've beaten the world record feels pretty good. It's been quite a tough challenge."

  Having marched through six continents, the couple are currently back in South America as their voyage enters its final stages.

  After a brief return to their rented flat in Wales, they spent Christmas in the Ecuadorian jungle, where they proudly spotted such species as the Vermilion Tanager, Green Jay and Saffron-Crowned Tanager.

    On their blog, they wrote: "Highlights along this track included Bearded Guan, Black-and-Chestnut Eagle.

   "A female Masked Trogon added a splash of colour. Leaving the park behind we headed for our lodgings at Madre Tierra at Vilcabamba (the valley of longevity) and had our Christmas supper of roast turkey."

   The trip began on January 1 in Arizona, USA, where the couple also aim to end up tomorrow [DEC 31].

   Alan Davies: "When I'm old, I want to be able to look back on my big adventure. The chance to see exciting destinations and wildlife is irresistible, and if I can go round the world with Alan seeing the most bird species ever in a single year, so much the better."

  The couple said they plan to maintain their blog after their return to Britain, "to keep you up to date with our birding adventures and let you know how we settle back into normal life, if we do."

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   Monday, December 29, 2008

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