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 Biggest Smallfry Smallmouth-world record set by Dylan Davis

[Jan 7]ROWLETT, TX, USA--Dylan Davis,7,of Rowlett, landed a 35-pound, 10-ounce Smallmouth Buffalo on Hubbard and set a world record for the biggest Smallfry Smallmouth Buffalo Male caught by a boy.

   “Right away, I knew that it was the lake record,” said Dylan’s father, Jason Johonnesson. “It did not occur to me until a couple of months later that it was a smallfry world record.”

  Dylan Davis was with his parents and other members of his family fishing in their boat slip on Lake Ray Hubbard. The family had about five to six rods baited with sweet corn in 27 feet of water sitting on the lake bed. One of the rods, which was designated for Jason’s mother, began to bob slightly.

   “My mother was convinced that it was only a small catfish so she told Dylan to reel it in,” Jason said. “He picked up the rod and began reeling. Instantly, from the bow in the rod, we could tell it was something big.”

   It took about five minutes to bring the catch to the water’s surface, where Jason netted the fish. The Smallmouth Buffalo did not fight until a net was used to remove it from the water.

   “Buffalos don't always know that they are in trouble and sometimes they don't put up a fight until they see you or feel the net,” Jason said. “If it had been a fighting buffalo, Dylan never would have been able to reel it in.”

   Jason explains that most often Smallmouth Buffalo are accidently caught by fishermen attempting to catch bass or striper. His family, though, practices European course fishing and targets carp and buffalo.  

  Both Jason and Dylan are members of the Lone Star Carp Brigade. In two weeks, they will be touring across the state with other members of the Lone Star Carp Brigade to some of the best carp and buffalo fishing spots.

    Jason also has a body record for a Smallmouth Buffalo weighing 57 pounds, 12 ounces that he caught on Lake Fork.

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