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     Monday, April 23, 2012   

  Largest nacho serving: Kansas Relays set world record (Video)

LAWRENCE, Kan., USA--Centerplate, Salty Iguana, KU Athletics and Lawrence Interdenominational Nutrition Kitchen (L.I.N.K.) collaborated to prepare 4,689 pounds of pure nachos
- setting the new world record for the Largest nacho serving,according to the World Record Academy:
largest nacho serving Kansas Relays
  Photo: Eddie Diaz, of Centerplate, holds one of the hundreds of plates of nachos that came from an 80-foot-long tray Saturday at Memorial Stadium. The 4,689-pound nacho plate landed Lawrence a spot in the Book of World Records. Photo: Richard Gwin/AP (enlarge photo)

  The previous Guinness world record for the largest serving of nachos weighed 1,813.92 kg (3,999 lb) and was achieved by the Ninety Nine Restaurants (USA) in Billerica, Massachusetts, USA.

  Guinness World Records also recognized the world record for the largest serving of salsa; it weighed 1,212 kg (2,672 lb) and was prepared by a team led by Bob Blumer (Canada) at the 26th Annual Tomato Festival in Jacksonville, Texas, USA.

  Organizers started building the plate of nachos at 10 a.m. It was over 80 feet long, two feet wide and 10 inches deep, weighing in at a world-record 4,689 pounds.  

  Kansas Athletics partnered with local restaurant The Salty Iguana and Kansas Athletics' hospitality partner, Centerplate, to help in setting the world record, which raised money for the LINK Kitchen, a Lawrence-based charity that feeds the hungry five days a week.

  Centerplate led the production of the nachos, using Rico's corn chips, ground beef, salsa, beans, nacho cheese and freshly made pico de gallo.
   Centerplate and The Salty Iguana then added their culinary expertise to make sure the nachos were fresh, flavorful and delicious.

  They used a total of 860 pounds of nacho cheese topped off with 200 pounds of Salty Iguana's famous Iguana Dip, 600 pounds of fresh salsa, tomatoes and cilantro, 860 pounds of beef, 1,200 pounds of beans, 315 pounds of jalapenos and 600 pounds of tortilla chips for a total of 4,450 pounds of mouth-watering nachos.

  Volunteers aimed to create a tasty nacho, not just a big one. Meat was marinated, onions were chopped, and jalapeno juice was blended with black beans. There were also fresh pico de gallo and cilantro.

Rick Brown, general manager of Kansas Athletics' food vendor, Centerplate organized the event, working with Salty Iguana and Lawrence Interdenominational Nutrition Kitchen. Salty Iguana donated food and provided volunteers.

  Centerplate, Salty Iguana, KU Athletics and Lawrence Interdenominational Nutrition Kitchen (L.I.N.K.) collaborated to prepare the massive amount of nachos, which were 80 feet long, three feet wide and more than 10 inches deep.

  The nachos, excess and packaging weighed 5,002.6 pounds in total. To make an accurate decision, judges deducted the weight of the packaging and excess remnants, which was 313.6 pounds. The grand total was 4,689 pounds of pure nachos.

  L.I.N.K volunteers were at every entrance to the world's largest nacho area in Memorial Stadium.

   Kansas Relays ticket-holders paid a $1 donation or canned food item for their servings, with the proceeds going to the Lawrence Interdenominational Nutrition Kitchen.

  But organizers say it's not the record breaking title that has them excited. They wanted the Lawrence community to be in the limelight. They say so many people in the community work hard to help those in need and in return deserve to be rewarded.

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Monday, April 23, 2012 4:22 PM

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