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    Longest paddleboard journey set three world records

[Aug 14] MIAMI BEACH, FL-- Wyatt Werneth with a group of supporters set out from the beach at Miami Beach Florida on a journey that would take nine days to complete, for awareness during National Beach Safety / Boating Safety Week 2007.

    The mission was drafted to support National Beach Safety week and attempt to set a world record:The Longest paddle board journey up the coast of Florida.      

    Wyatt’s goal was to go non stop for 24 hours and attempt to set a paddle board record for the distance covered in 24 hours on top of the longest journey. This was completed at 103 miles from Miami Beach to Jupiter Inlet.

    After strong winds and rough surf became unsafe Wyatt left the gulf stream which is 6 miles off shore and kept to safer waters. After nine days Wyatt reached Jacksonville Beach, for a total of 345 miles.

    Wyatt Werneth is a Coast Guard Reserve and the Chief of Brevard County Ocean Rescue.

    Ric Hinman from 'Coastal Angler' Magazine:"Personally, Wyatt is one of the most amazing watermen I have ever met. He is totally committed to the safety and wellbeing of all who enter the ocean."

    Daniel F. Jacquish, CPP SET : "I must say, I had never heard of Wyatt before this event. Due to his affiliation with the Coast Guard, I was asked as an Auxiliarist to provide support for the event. To say I developed an admiration for his determination is an understatement. His "can-do" attitude and drive was astounding. How someone can paddle for that length of time and for that distance through head currents is something I would not have believed if I had not witnessed it myself."

   Wyatt set three world records:
  -Longest paddleboard journey of the coast of Florida:Wyatt Werneth paddled the coast of Florida 345 miles on an 18 foot paddleboard from Miami Beach,FL to Jacksonville,FL;
  -Longest paddleboard distance in 24 hours:Wyatt Werneth paddleboarded on an 18 foot paddleboard 103 miles from Miami Beach, FL in the Atlantic Gulf Stream and up the Atlantic Intarcoastal Waterway (ICW )to the Jupiter, FL inlet in 24 hours 0800 May 19 - 0800 May 20, 2007;
   - Greatest distance covered in 9 days on a paddleboard:Wyatt Werneth paddleboarded on an 18 foot paddleboard 345 miles the greatest distance ever covered in only 9 days on a paddleboard from Miami Beach, FL to Jacksonville ,FL on May 19- May 27

   -103 miles paddled in 24 hours from Miami Beach to Jupiter Inlet ( 8:00am - 8:00am)
   -345 miles paddled from Miami Beach to Jacksonville Beach.    -Completed the journey in only 9 days

   This world record attmept was witnessed by:
    -Daniel F. Jacquish, CPP SET and
    - Richard Mac Kenzie

   Media coverage:
   'Coastal Angler' Magazine:
   Where's Wyatt? Or, better yet, who's Wyatt?

   First Coast News:

   Local Movie Company Shooting TV Pilot on Water Safety

   Link: Brevard County website

   2. Lifeguard chief breaks three paddleboard world records  

    Video:world record journey
       Wyatt Werneth is grateful to these persons and organizations for their help and support:
   "None of this would be possible with out the support from my best friend Mark Silverman"
   The Coast Guard Reservist at Station Port Canaveral;
Kim and Larry Walker;
   The Kellum Family;
The Werneth Family;
   Coach and Millie;
   Ted and Susan Taylor from Taylor Made bodies;
   Bob Estes;
   Kevin Pruett-Cocoa Beach Commissioner;
   Skip, Karen and the Christian Surfers of Florida;
   Marie Sarvickas ,video;   
   Greg Hartman,Video;
   Tom McDevitt and Brett Webster ,Medical/ boat crew
   Bruce Bennett-inventor of the 30/30;
   John and Marie Hughes;
   Mr Cubano/ Tony Hernandez the paddleboard sponsor;
   The Reynolds Family;
   Miami Beach Lifeguards;
   Jacksonville Beach Lifeguards Brevard County Lifeguards;
   The Aluknios Family;
   Roy and Pam from Ocean Sports World;
   Ocean Poition Suncare;
   Rich and Candy;
   The Smiths;
   Mark and Tracy;
   The Finnerty Family;
   Aron, Jenya and Jacob;
   Wyane Mooneyhan, Producer;
   Dennis Beek;
   Newspapers: Florida Today, Home Town, Jacksonville
   TV: Channel 13, Channel 9

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