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  Largest dancing group-world record set by the Phillipines

[Oct 22] MANILA,Philippines-- A crowd of over 8,000 Filipinos have gathered in an attempt to break the World Record in simultaneous dancing.

  Ranging from children to senior citizens, from professional dancers to aerobics regulars, the participants danced a five-minute choreographed number.

   The exhibition was aimed at bringing more attention and awareness to the problem of osteoporosis.

   The event was part of Anlene Milk's advocacy campaign to encourage consumption of high-calcium milk to help prevent osteoporosis.

    Event organiser Ming Arroyo, marketing manager for Anlene Milk, said: "We really want to raise awareness about osteopororis in the Philippines. "We know from the bone scanning that we got of around 300,000 Filipinos that one out of two are at risk of osteoporosis."  

   Groups of cheerleaders, ballroom dancers, fitness clubs and students, some camping at the site from dawn, were excited to join the record attempt. "Dancing can do a lot for your health. We become stronger. It improves our posture and it freshens our minds," said 60-year-old Carmelita Moico, who loves to dance tango. "It feels so good to join the dance. You feel so free!" said aerobics instructor Raffy Barbatchano.

   Ireland currently holds the previous World Record in simultenous dancing, with 6,700 people dancing at the same time.

   To promote the Oct. 20 dance movement and milk-drinking in general as an effective way to prevent osteoporosis, Anlene Milk has gathered a formidable group of endorsers --actress Dina Bonnevie, Asia’s Queen of Songs Pilita Corrales, award-winning fitness aficionado Jackie Lou Blanco, dance diva Becky Garcia, former Miss Universe Margie Moran, swimming champion and television personality Akiko Thomson, and pastor/ballet dancer Rosita Gomez.

   The Philippines is a country that loves to attempt breaking world record titles such as the Most Number of Women Breast-feeding Simultaneously (3,738 in 2006) and Most Number of Couples Kissing at the Same Time (6,124 in 2007).

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