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Our press office is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to respond to all enquiries from NEWS organizations (news agencies, printed newspapers, printed magazines, radio and TV News channels ONLY); the below forms can be used by news organizations ONLY!)

Please note that below forms are for agencies, newspapers and magazines ONLY! We don't answer to any request coming from websites, Blogs and Internet-only related media!

If you want to request photo(s) to be used in your (printed only!) publication, you must answer to these questions:
  1. Your title: Mrs./Mr./Miss...
  2. First name:
  3. Last name:
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14. Purpose of use:
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16. Please describe any other details regarding how the image will be used:
 17. Deadline:
Send your request to:
media2018 [at] AFTER replacing [at] with "@"
Don't forget to mention in the "Subject" line:
 " media photo request: XY magazine"

For any other media enquiries
Copy and paste the below questions into your email to request media info ONLY;
1.Your title: Mrs./Mr./Miss...
2.First name:
3.Last name:
5.News organization:
6.City, country:
7.Link to your website:
8.To which record are you referring to?
9.Yours questions: a) b) c) ...etc;
Send your request to:
media2018 [at] AFTER replacing [at] with "@"
Don't forget to mention in the "Subject" line:
 " media request: XY newspaper"

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Recent Media requests:
 Hoschton, GA wins World Record for Scarecrows
  "Hoschton, Georgia was taken over by thousands of scarecrows this past fall; although the residents of the town only number 1,455 people, there was 5,441 scarecrows scattered throughout the 30548 zip code. The people's efforts at making this a memorable fall season were not in vain either, they were awarded an official world record for the "Most Scarecrows in One Location" by the World Record Academy..." / by Anne Rains - January 2009

    Thanks for your help with all of this – you really made a lot of Marion residents very happy! I had a few questions I was hoping you could answer for me....[the interview ]

   Tanya Berkebile
   Staff Writer
   Cadillac News

   [Most tractors in a parade]

    Hi, I am writing in regards to Strongest Boy-world record set by Nicholas Ortiz.
     We would love to fly Nicholas and his family to NYC to show off his strength on TODAY, America's #1 morning show. Wondering what would be the best way to reach out to Ortiz family? Thanks!
     Lexi Dauber Booker | NBC News | TODAY

    I am a reporter for TIME Magazine for kids. We are interested in running a small item on Aniket Chindak in a future issue and I’m trying to find out when he is set to try to break the world record. Please advise.
Many thanks,

    Claudia Atticot
    Senior Reporter
    TIME For Kids

    [Longest Limbo Skating-Aniket Chindak]

  On our weekly info-variety show, we would like to air the story of the San Alfonso pool being certified as the largest swimming pool of the world by you.
    We are a Japanese broadcaster headquartered in Osaka and the weekly show will air on Saturday, January 26th, nationwide. It would be greatly appreciated if you could grant the permission and get back to us at your earliest convenience.
   ...Thank you for your reply and permission.
   I wish you and World Record Academy the best of luck!
   Best regards,
   Rieko Ueshima  
   International Relations Dept. MBS

     [Largest swimming pool]

   I’ve just got a Google news alert with the link for my World Record story at the World Record Academy website.
   First, let me thank you very much for the way you wrote my story. I’m very proud to be included at the World Record Academy gallery. Looking forward reading from you soon.
   Warm Personal Regards,
   Ricardo R. Bellino
   Deal Maker
[Fastest deal-Donald Trump and Ricardo Bellino]

       I'm hoping to try and get hold of Elliot Nicholls for an interview about his texting record on Kiwi fm. Are you able to pass on his details to me? Or pass my details to him? This would be for a 5minute phone interview, hopefully within the next few days. thanks

     My name is Rasheed Oluwa and I'm a reporter with the Poughkeepsie Journal. The reason I'm writing is that I saw the article on the Web site about Jesse Eldrid, who broke the world record for growing the largest Amaranth plant. I wanted to get in touch with him for a possible story.    Thanx.
   Rasheed Oluwa
   [Tallest Amaranth plant ]

   I work for Tiger Aspect (an IMG Media Company), which is one of the leading independent TV companies in the UK. We are currently in the process of developing a show called ‘Superkids’ which is about the worlds greatest sporting prodigies.
   We are currently conducting a worldwide search across every sport with the view to creating a series which will be syndicated around the world. The premise of the show is to showcase the talents of kids under the age of 13.
   We are only looking for the best of the best, kids who have amazing potential and are likely to be the next sports superstar.     
   As well as highlighting the talents of our youngsters, we will also investigate the factors behind their success and discuss whether it is due to nature or nurture. I am contacting you to investigate world records which have been set by youngsters and are vaguely sports orientated. I have been on your website to see what I can find.
     So far I have come across the youngest relay team to swim the English Channel and the Strongest Boy-world record set by Nicholas Ortiz. These are definitely kids we would like to look at further. I especially would like to find out more information about Nicholas and the record he has set.
    Are there any other ‘youngest’ records that you feel might be of interest? If you are able to provide me with any information I would be most grateful. Please feel free to contact me with any queries or question that you may have. In the meantime I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you for your time. Kind regards
    Joe Lurie
    Development Researcher

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    I am writing from award-winning documentary makers, Bellwether Media, in the UK. We have read with interest about world record holder, Mr Aurel Raileanu, a ‘human magnet’ in Romania. We are very interested in the possibility of producing a documentary on Mr Raileanu and wonder if you would be able to put us in contact with him.
    I am happy to call you to discuss further if you could let me know a convenient time and number to call.
    Warm Regards
    Julie Julie Jackson
    Bellwether Media
   [ Most powerful Human Magnet-Aurel Raileanu ]

   Dear World Record Academy,
   Thanks for helping me put toghether the story about Zoey Beda.
   Enclosed are 6 issues of Time Magazine for Kids.
   Please let me know if you need more.
   Claudia Atticot
   Senior Reporter / TIME For Kids

   [Backwards Limbo Skating-Zoey Beda]

   Good morning I'm contacting you from the BBC in Cambridge as we're very keen to speak to someone from the Academy regarding the longest bridge made from plastic bottles which is based in Ely in Cambridgeshire. If anyone is able to contact me I can be reached on +[...]. We would like to speak to someone on our radio breakfast show tomorrow morning at around 0720 GMT. I realise this would be early but it would give us a perfect opportunity to take a different angle on this story.
    Kind regards
    Emma Emma Maclean

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