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   Largest stroller-Berg Design Inc. sets world record

-- Roger Berg, from the Oregon-based Berg Design Inc., constructed a 10-seats stroller for the Cumberland Elementary School, setting the world record for the Largest stroller.
Photo: Jean Ferrell (left) and her daughter-in-law, Amy Ferrell, push children in a 10-seat stroller Wednesday, at Cumberland Elementary School in West Lafayette. / Photo by Lafayette Journal and Courier.
(enlarge photo)

  For the past three weeks, Amy Ferrell, who operates Just For Me Child Care in West Lafayette has been pushing the custom-built, 10-seat stroller she purchased from a specialty builder in Oregon.

   "I have five children of my own and about five in child care," she said. "So I really needed a fun, unique way to keep the kids together and safe and be able to get them out and walk."   

  Amy Ferrell has owned Just For Me Child Care for the past eleven years. With five kids of her own and up to five others she cares for, transporting them has always been a challenge.

   That was until she found Oregon inventor Roger Berg to build a ten seat stroller. In addition to strollers, his company makes lightweight bicycle seats, syrups, pet dropping scoopers and some other products.

  Ferrell said it's made life a whole lot easier and safer for her and the kids. "I just needed, ya know, a fun, unique way to keep everybody safe and together so that we can still be out and about," Ferrell said. Ferrell said the new stroller will now be the transportation means for her kids to and from school.

  At first, Berg was a bit reluctant to build and sell it to her, Ferrell said. "I worried about hills," Berg said. But Ferrell sold him on the idea by telling him about the flat land of Greater Lafayette.

   Before buying the stroller -- at a price of $2,700 -- Ferrell would put the smaller children in a utility wagon while the older ones would walk. But crossing the streets and dealing with vehicles was always a challenge.

   "I really needed a fun, unique way to keep the kids together and safe and be able to get them out and walk," she said.   

   She actually takes care of eight children. But the 10-seater will allow her business to expand, Ferrell said.    

   report by CURT SLYDER /courtesy Journal & Courier

   Video: Largest Stroller world record

  Thursday, August 7, 2008

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