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  Biggest family tree-world record set by Roy Blackmore

 TAUNTON, UK -- Roy Blackmore has spent 20,000 and 28 years tracing his family tree back 1,500 years-setting the world record for the biggest family tree.    
  Photo: Mr Blackmore, 76, from Taunton, identified 9,390 ancestors, including a Wild West cowboy, a French king and Civil War soldiers, dating back to 500AD./ SWNS
(enlarge photo)

   He linked himself through 37 generations to William the Conqueror in the 11th Century and 45 generations to Alfred the Great in 880AD.

   He began his research because he was orphaned as a child and wanted to learn more about his family.

   He said: "It's been a very interesting journey with some surprising twists and turns. I never planned to go back that far, but the more I looked the more interested I became.

   "There have been some very frustrating times when I seemingly hit a brick wall. But there is always a way around or over an obstacle and you just have to persevere. "I could go back further into my French descendants but I think I'll leave it there."

    Roy Blackmore spent up to five hours a day scouring documents from archives, libraries, cemetery records and census registers in London.

   Experts say his research is unique because most was done before the internet, meaning he had to follow a paper trail.

Mr Blackmore is exhibiting a range of his certificates and wills at Taunton library, Somerset on July 14.

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 Monday, July 14, 2008

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