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   Tuesday, June 19, 2012

First pizza vending machine: Let's Pizza sets world record (VIDEO)

ROME, Italy -- Let's Pizza will reportedly create a pizza in less than three minutes out of a vending machine, delivering reliable pizza vending for public venues including colleges, universities, airports, stations, hotels and setting the world record for the First pizza vending machine, according to the World Record Academy:
first pizza vending machine Let's Pizza Italy

 (enlarge photo)

  The Let's Pizza vending machine is already a major success in Italy.

  The Guinness world record for the most pizzas made in one hour is 206 and was achieved by Brian Edler (USA) at the Domino's Pizza store on North Main St, Findlay, Ohio, USA.

  Guinness World Records also recognized the world record for the most pizzas made in 24 hours by a team is 6,838, achieved by Domino's Pizza #8209 and owners Bob and Tina Leikam (all USA) in Taft, California, USA.

  Called Let's Pizza, the free-standing personal pizza maker kneads and rolls its own dough for a 10.5-inch pie with over 200 toppings to choose from for $5.95.

   'In just 2.5 minutes after you've ordered, a fresh and hot pizza is ready to eat,' Let's Pizza's planned distributor CEO Ronald Rammers of A1 Concepts told Pizza Marketplace of the machine.
  Let's Pizza kneads the dough, forms a round, adds tomato sauce, layers toppings – and then bakes it all in front of your very eyes.

  The Let's Pizza machine has a specially developed bag of flour and a bag of mineral water. It makes the dough, shapes it into a crust and tops it with organic tomato sauce each time before adding the topping.

  Once the pizza is finished, its specific time depending on the order, it slides out through the front in an insulated take-away box.
  The option of a disposable cutter is also available.

  An infrared oven enables its fast cooking. Each vending machine holds ingredients for 200 pizzas and offers four varieties of pizza.

  After a successful launch three years ago throughout Europe, Claudio Torghel reports his plans to hit the States with its placement in malls, airports, hospitals and universities, to name a few.

  A1 Concepts, a company based in The Netherlands plans to open a headquarters in Atlanta later this year.

  "We have our own facilities where we produce the toppings," Rammers tells Pizza Marketplace. "And it is possible to create any kind of pizza - meat, fish, vegetarian, any kind."

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Tuesday, June 19, 2012 2:51 PM

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