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     Fastest tap dancer-world record set by Tony Adams
  WELLINGTON, New Zealand -- Tony Adams, 49, share-broker and motivational speaker, danced in 60 seconds using 602 tap beats-setting the world record for the Fastest tap dancer.

   Photo: The 602 tap beats that Tony Adams danced in 60 seconds were recorded with a PZM microphone and specialised computer software, meaning each individual tap could be converted from audio to digital for quantification purposes.
   (enlarge photo)

The technology eanbles sound waves to be displayed graphically like heartbeats on a heart-rate monitor, or like ‘snicko’ in cricket.

 “It’s pretty challenging to sustain that pace for 60 seconds,” Tony says, “and a minute’s never felt longer!”

Tony’s record-setting shoes are old-style tap shoes with screw-on metal plates, whereas modern tap dance shoes have the plates riveted to the sole.   
 Tony’s 82-year-old mother, Mary Adams, watched her son break the record on television.
   “I’m very proud of him but I really can’t understand what all the fuss is about,” she says. “He was a much better dancer when he was younger.”

Tony Adams has been invited to tell his remarkable record-breaking tale to various groups at functions around the country where the high-energy speed tapping has been captivating audiences.
   He has also attracted the sponsorship of Intercontinental Hotels and Resorts Group and Sydney-based Scorpio Music to assist him promote New Zealand dance overseas.

Tony Adams smashed the Guinness World Record of 512 tap beats a minute, previously held in England, with a staggering 602 beats.

   Thursday, December 11, 2008

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