Monday, February 13, 2017

  World's First Coffee-Making Refrigerator: GE sets world record (VIDEO)
   NEW YORK, NY, USA -- The $3,300 GE Café series refrigerator features a Keurig (GMCR) K-Cup brewer that uses the fridge's filtered water to make a single cup of coffee, thus setting the world record for the World's First Coffee-Making Refrigerator, according to the World Record Academy.

 GE and Keurig are making a $3300 refrigerator that brews K-Cup coffee.
Photo: GE and Keurig are making a $3300 refrigerator that brews K-Cup coffee. (enlarge photo)
 The Guinness World Records world record for the largest coffee bean mosaic measures 33.51 m² (360.69 ft²) and was achieved by Steve Halaszi (USA), at Raleigh, North Carolina, USA, on 27 February 2015.

     Guinness World Records also recognized the world record for the largest pyramid of coffee cups; it consisted of 23,821 cups and was constructed by Birla institute of management technology (India) in Uttar Pradesh, India, on 25 September 2016.

     GE was the first in the industry to deliver hot water via their refrigerators, which positioned them to take this next step and serve up coffee.

    "Now you can prep your coffee without leaving the couch," says Dan Goldstein, director of marketing for GE Refrigeration, of the instant coffee app GE Kitchen.

    Here are the benefits of this built-in coffee maker, and of course there are lots of other features you'll want to check out, according to the Home Tips for Women:
    # Free up counter space used for your coffee maker (Kitchen Gadgets on Your Countertop).
    # Save time as you no longer have to add water to your coffee maker, relying instead on a refrigerator's built-in water line.
    # Start your coffee brewing from your phone.

    The fridge is available at more than 1,300 Lowe's stores and independent retailers nationwide for $3,300.

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