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  Largest pinata-world record set by Carnival Cruise Lines
 PHILADELPHIA, PA, USA -- Carnival Cruise Lines sponsored a 61 feet tall (about 6 stories tall), 60 feet long, and 23 feet wide pinata which sets the world record for the Largest pinata.
   Photo: In this photo released by Carnival Cruise Lines, people get a close-up view of a world record pinata in Philadelphia, Sunday, Nov. 2, 2008. The giant mock donkey measures 60 feet, 4 inches long; 23 feet, 10.5 inches wide and 61 feet, 10.25 inches tall. / Photo by Carnival Cruise Lines, Andy Newman
  (enlarge photo)

  Carnival Cruise Lines sponsored the event, which included music, food and cruise giveaways to celebrate the Record-breaking pinata.

   "We wanted to give Philadelphians an opportunity to experience the Carnival culture of fun by being a part of a new world record and having the chance to win a free Carnival cruise," said Carnival Cruise director John Heald.

 This new world record for the Largest pinata broke the record previously held by a 48-foot-tall pinata Microsoft sponsored in Mexico City in 2006.

  The first attendees got a chance to appear in a Carnival commercial that was going to be shot on sight with the pinata.  

 John Heald introduces Pinatazilla Video

     John interviews the Pinata Builder Video

   Monday, November 3, 2008

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