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     Youngest swimmer Maharnth set world record

[June 13] NEW DEHLI, India--In Chennai, a 15-month-old baby has a swimming record by swimming four metres underwater. The infant, Maharanth is in fact nine-months younger than the current world record-holder in the swimming.

    “I am very happy. I have no words to express my joy,” said Maharanth's mother.

    The baby is trained by his uncle, Ashok who himself is a record holder for being the fastest swimmer to cross the Pak Strait. The ‘water baby’ as little Maharnth is called, has been practising swimming for an hour a day for the past three-months, tells Ashok. So, were there any health issues involved?

    “We did consult a doctor who checked the child and said that he is very healthy. He can achieve anything. This makes me very happy,” said swimming coach Ashok.

    And ask the proud mother whether there is some secret to Mahanth’s success and she tells promptly, “He only drinks milk.” Well, is milk that’s acting like a magic potion for the wonder baby? Who knows?

   Reported by CNN- IBN