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   The most man-powered boats in the water

[June 30] Discovery Bay,CA,US-More than 200 paddle boats and kayaks gathered in Discovery Bay on June 23rd to set a new World Record for the most manned paddle boats ever assembled in one location. They actually broke two records: the most man-powered boats in the water (previously set in Florida in 1997), and the most man-powered boats tied together (set at Lake Herman, Calif. in 1994).

Paddle Boat World Record - Discovery Bay/ Photo by Mark Skilling

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    With a final count of 183 qualified boats (they had to be tied together on connected in some way), the participants managed to beat the record by a clean 61 boats. (The original record was set ten years ago in Florida).

   The town has undergone a 10-year process to obtain its own identity, separate from that of neighboring Byron. The new ZIP code will distinguish the area for more than just the post office.

   Resident Debbie Guzzardo, whose husband Mike created the Web site, has lived in Discovery Bay for six years. The Guzzardos have lived all over the Bay Area and said this is their last stop. On Saturday, she helped tie red, white and blue balloons bearing the new ZIP code to each of the record-setting watercraft.
    “Discovery Bay is such a unique place,” she said. “It’s great for the community to do something different and to celebrate the new ZIP code.”

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