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   Largest Farming Tractors Parade-world record set by Stirling residents

 STIRLING, Ontario, Canada -- A three-hour tractor parade, which was held as part of Stirling's 150th anniversary celebrations, officially had 601 tractors participating, setting the world record for the  Largest Farming Tractors Parade.
   "We actually had 602 tractors in the staging area, but one had a flat tire and couldn't take part. When you make the effort to get your tractor there and take part in what was obviously a big event, it was heartbreaking for the driver" -said organizer Darren Heasman. (enlarge photo)  

  "What's really different about our parade is that it was only open to farming tractors -- not lawn tractors," he said. Heasman said it's "too soon" to think about an encore performance in the coming years. "Right now, at this point, I'd call it a one-time show."

  "I've been watching some of the video footage and they just keep coming," said Heasman, comparing the venture to the last scene of the movie 'Field of Dreams' in which a long line of cars is pictured making a pilgrimage to a baseball diamond.

"It was just like the movie, only instead of cars coming and coming, it was only tractors."
   Robert Dobson, 66, was the Grand Marshall at the Stirling 150th Anniversary, World's Greatest Tractor Parade, in Stirling, Ont. He led the procession of 601 tractors, a world record-setting parade, around the town of 2,000.

On the front of his refurbished D21 Allis Chalmers tractor, Dobson had the parade banner, stenciled with his name. He was selected ambassador to lead the parade with the message: triumphing in the face of adversity. "I was overwhelmed when they told me, and it was fantastic," said Dobson. "All I wanted to be was one person and one tractor in the group."

  Photo gallery from Stirling Tractor Parade 2008

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   Saturday, August 30, 2008

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