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   Fastest jet-powered street luge-world record set by 'Tea Tray'

[Aug 31] METHERINGHAM, UK-- The world land speed record for a jet-powered street luge has been smashed thanks to an engine designed by a Metheringham firm.
   The Nimbus H80 engine was created and built by Metheringham firm Heward.
   The powerful jet engine managed to get the street luge - a sled shaped like a tea tray - up to a top speed of 114mph, smashing the previous record of 98mph.

    Joel King (27), an IT worker from Bognor Regis, West Sussex, praised the jet engine, normally used for powering military aircraft, for giving him such a smooth and fast ride.

   "The engine performed beautifully and did everything it needed to do," he said.

    "The thought of going that speed does scare you but I was so focused on what I was doing that I had to put the fear to the back of my mind."

   The record was taken as an average top speed of two runs along the two-and-a-half mile stretch. On the first run Mr King reached 110mph and on the second he reached 114mph. This gave him an average top speed of 112mph.