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Largest Zoetrope-world record set by the BRAVIA-drome from Sony
 VENARIA, Italy -- The BRAVIA-drome from Sony has a circumference of 31.41 metres, equivalent to a diameter of exactly 9.998 metres and nearly two and a half metres in height-setting the world record for the Largest Zoetrope.

   Photo:Sony unveiled the motion making star of its latest marketing campaign in front of the world's media at a dramatic night-time shoot in Venaria, Italy this month. (enlarge photo)  
   FIFA World Player of the Year and AC Milan soccer legend Kaka was also present at the unveiling as still images of him performing his signature moves had been placed inside the BRAVIA-drome for its first ever public performance.

    The BRAVIA-drome was designed to demonstrate the technology behind Sony's Motionflow 200Hz functionality, which eliminates all jerkiness and smoothes the images on screen as they happen.

   The football theme was chosen as watching a match is one of the best ways to fully appreciate Motionflow, allowing viewers to watch the flight of the ball as it crashes into the back of the net.

   "We wanted this to be more than a television ad shoot," said Giles Morrison, General Manager, Marketing Communications Europe for Sony. "This was about creating a spectacle that people would never forget. The four world record attempts really helped add to the whole experience. At Sony, we always aim to be the best at whatever we do."
   BRAVIA-drome: Vital Statistics
  -- The optimum speed of the BRAVIA-drome is 44kph
  -- The BRAVIA-drome can reach speeds of over 50kph
  -- The BRAVIA-drome measures 10m in diameter
  -- It takes ten men three days to fully assemble the BRAVIA-drome
  -- The BRAVIA-drome is transported by two 40ft trucks
  -- It took six weeks for the BRAVIA-drome to be built in full for the first time
  -- Weighing in at ten tonnes, it is the biggest zoetrope ever built

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  Wednesday, December 17, 2008 

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