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   Strongest Man-world record set by John Wooten

[Sep 13]Oklahoma,US--John Wooten, the world's strongest Man, set two new world records during the Oklahoma State Fair Centennial Expo on Wednesday.

   John Wooten strapped a harness on to his 6-foot-1-inch, 290-pound frame, chained himself to a 50,000-pound water truck and made the 10 feet in 10.27 seconds and the 30 feet in 23.65 seconds.

   The previous records for moving a 50,000-pound truck were 10 feet in 10.5 seconds, and 30 feet in 29.65 seconds.

   "And that was uphill, he boasted as he gasped for breath.

   Over the years, Wooten said, he's done some crazy strength tests, including on separate occasions, pulling a 757 jet, pulling a cruise ship and back lifting a 7,000-pound elephant.

   John Morris is a 59-year-old Boston resident who holds 139 world records in feats of strength.He makes his living this way.

     At 51 years old, he had towed a Mississippi river boat against the current, piggybacked an elephant, stopped two jet planes from taking off by holding them down, and pulled a 280-ton train along a track.

    John Wooten is 1,86 m (6'1") tall and weighs 132 kg (290 lb). He got his start in the strongman business in 1969 when he happened to meet a 79 kg (175 lb) man in his 70s who could bend 60-penny railroad spikes in his bare hands and taught him how to back-lift elephants.

   Oklahoma State Fair Centennial Expo fair runs through Sept. 23.

    Jan Suffolk Todd of the US is considered the world's strongest woman. She was the first woman to lift 1,000 pounds in 3 power lifts


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