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   Longest Skydive Jump-world record set by romanian skydivers   

[Oct 19] BUCHAREST,Romania--Romanian skydivers , sport masters Popescu Valerica, Rites Ionut Irinel, Grigore Dan Cristian and Andrei Gabriel from Romanian AirClub has established the new world record for The Longest Skydive Jump , jumping in second Millenium and landing in third Millenium.

    In the night between 31.12.2000 and 01.012001, jumping from 1000 m on the second Millenium and landing in third Millenium, the skydivers marked the Millenium change in free fall.

    There were two drops made from an Antonov AN - 2 plane, using Para-Foil parachutes.

   One drop was made at 00:00 GMT and the second one at 00:00 Romanian time, landing took place in front of Expo Centre in The Free Press Square in Bucharest.

   The skydive was made between exploding fireworks in the sky.

   This particular skydive was a very difficult jump to be made because of several factors : night time , low temperatures and an unusual trajectory between exploding fireworks.

   There was several tones of fireworks that were fired from the ground and exploded high in the sky.

    The glide was made through a thick cloud of gases from the fireworks, landing was in a small place, between the people on one side and the fire courtine made by the shooting fireworks.

   The event was heavely mediated at that time and was homologated and awarded by The Romanian Aeronautical Federation.

(enlarge photo)

    This world record was homologated by Inner Consulting Group, courtesy through his representatives Simona and Marius Girlea.

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