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  Most wheat harvested in 8 hours-world record set by Farmeco
  LINCOLNSHIRE, England -- A tracked CLAAS LEXION 580+TT combine, equipped with a 10.5 metre cutterbar, harvested in eight hours 532.14 tonnes (1,173,167 lbs) -setting the world record for the  Most wheat harvested in 8 hours by a team.
   Photo: The LEXION 580TT passed the previous record of 451 tonnes in 8 hours after just 6 ¾ hours, and went on to harvest 532.14 tonnes in 8 hours. (enlarge photo)

 “When I saw the reports of the previous record, I knew it could be beaten, as we have the crops in the UK and the machinery to do it. There was never any doubt in my mind,” comments Keith Challen of Farmeco. “This is the latest we have harvested in 20 years, and after a very difficult harvest, it is nice to finish on a high and make harvest 2008 memorable for the right reason!”

   The record was achieved at Heckington, in Lincolnshire in a 200ha (494.21 acres) block of Alchemy winter wheat, in conditions that were extremely grey and overcast, with the invaluable assistance of independent mechanisation expert Bill Basford.

 World Record fficials track grain moisture, grain quality, loss ratio and stubble height throughout the competition for compliance with their parameters. For example, acceptable grain loss for this competition is less than 0.5%.

The Claas Lexion 580TT was equipped with a 10.5 metre (34 ft 5 in) cutterbar, it is powered by a 517 horsepower Mercedes engine, and achieved an average throughput of 66.5157 tonnes (146,645 lbs) per hour over the eight-hour period, and on average consumed just 1.35 litres (0.3 gallons) of fuel per tonne harvested.

  Over the eight-hour period, a total of 47.7 hectares (117.87 acres) were harvested from five fields, where yields averaged over 11 tonnes (24,250 lbs) per hectare, with peaks of over 12 tonnes (26,455 lbs).

   The specific weight remained consistent at around 74.5 to 75 grs.( 2.61 to 2.65 oz) per hectolitre, with the moisture content starting at 17.4 and dropping to 16.5% by late afternoon.

   The crop measured between 60.96 cm and 63.5 cm (from 1 ft 2 in to 2 ft 1 in), with the heads brackled over and harvested leaving a stubble height of 25 cm, with all the straw being chopped.

   Analysis of the record duration from the combine’s Telematics report shows that during the first two hours, the Lexion 580 combine was actually running at over 70 tonnes (154,323 lbs) per hour before easing back to around 64 tonnes (141,095 lbs) per hour for three hours, and then going back to around 70 tonnes (154,323 lbs) per hour for the last few hours.
  (enlarge photo)

This new record improves the previous mark of 451.2 tonnes (994,725 lbs) set earlier this summer, which was equalled at 6 hours and 43 minutes of the record attempt, when an explosion of joy was heard all over the farm.

   Here’s a video of the previous record harvested by a massive New Holland CR9090:

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  Friday, October 3, 2008 

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