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     Most tattoos done in 24 hours-world record set by Kat Von D

[Dec 20] LOS ANGELES,CA, USA-- LA Ink star Kat Von D successfully set a new World Record for the most tattoos done in 24 hours: 400!

   This is an amazing feat for the 25-year-old tattoo artist, especially since the process was not without some rough patches.  

   With lines forming almost 48 hours in advance, people flocked from as far away as Ohio to be apart of tattoo history.

  (enlarge photo)

  Apparently, she wasn't able to accommodate all of the people who came down to her tattoo shop on the special day, and on Sunday, she posted an apology on her MySpace blog, explaining that she did not expect such a large crowd to show up.

   Per the Guinness guidelines, Von D only inked one design, a Guinness-approved "LA" logo, on a first-come-first-served basis at a cost of only $20.
   “When we first started getting the idea of setting this record, it was very important for me to try my hardest to include everyone in on this experience, especially my fans,” she said in her blog post.
    (enlarge photo)
“When I posted the bulletin/blog about the record i was gonna attempt, I felt like it would be so cool to have people come down that ive either already met at one point or another, as well as some that I've never met. BUT, I definitely did not plan on having as many people show up.”

   At one point, there were approximately 1,000 people waiting in line, and police were compelled to tell the crowd to leave.

   Aside from dealing with onslaught of people and city officials, Kat Von D was also trying her best to tattoo as many people as she could. She was so determined to reach her goal that she kept her liquid consumption to a minimum, “put on nicotine patches” to curb the urge to take cigarette breaks, and took only three 3-minute breaks throughout the entire process.

   According to her MySpace page, the accomplishment was quite an undertaking. She blogged about the great turnout, the not-so-great sheriffs and fire marshals and about completing her goal of tattooing 400 people in a 24 hour period.

   Kat also raised money for charity along the way. Proceeds from the hopefully record setting event will be going to the non-profit Vitamin Angels, which "provides supplements to developing countries and communities that are in dire nutritional need."

  Links: Kat Von D on MySpace ; Kat Von D website


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