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  Friday, April 23, 2010

Most plastic bottles collected - Florida students sets world record

  BRADENTON, Fla., USA -- In anticipation of Earth Day, students at Sugg Middle, Braden River High, Nolan Middle and Braden River Middle participated in the last day of a year-long recycling campaign initiated by Sugg seventh-grade students; the group collected 65,970 plastic bottles to help set an example that recycling is necessary and a community effort - setting the new world record for the Most plastic bottles collected
   Photo: Students at Sugg Middle School count recyclable plastic bottles Friday as they load them into 20-foot-long waste containers. The bottles were collected by Sugg students as well as students from Braden River High School, Nolan Middle School and Braden River Middle School all year long. Photo by PAUL VIDELA/ (enlarge photo)

  The previous Guinness world record for the Most plastic bottles collected in 8 hours was 40,000 bottles (657 pounds) of plastic bottles collected by Discovery Elementary students.

    The bottles will be sent to Resource Recovery Center Systems in Sarasota.

   If you can picture large recycling dumpsters and a mountain of plastic bottles and containers, then you can just imagine how much effort and heart students put into saving the environment for Earth Day.

    But the youth were overjoyed to make a difference in the world and, as one community, turned hard work into a simple recycling solution.

   Sugg Middle was chosen as the site for this event because it has collected more recyclable material than any other school in the district during the last two years.

   Additional sponsors included the Manatee County Recycling Department, Publix, Republic Services, Keep Manatee Beautiful and the new home-town baseball team, the Bradenton Marauders.

   Mike Barber, spokesman for the District, said that Manatee County was especially proud of the Sugg Middle students and their efforts to encourage their fellow students and family members to recycle.

   “The students at Sugg wanted to make a difference in their school, community and world, and today they did just that,” said Patrick Gallagher, the Energy and Recycling specialist for the Manatee County School District, who was at the school to help the students and teachers move the project along during the event.

   “They didn't just learn about recycling. They embraced it and shared their knowledge with friends, family and neighbors.”

   “It helps the kids to understand the importance of recycling,” he said, watching the students toss small bins of plastic into the larger bins for recycling.

    “A plastic bottle will last 500 years if it ends up in a landfill. Where, if we recycled that same bottle, it could come back as, say, a 50 percent recycled t-shirt.” Ultimately, Gallagher said he wanted the kids to take the recycling habit home because youth make a difference by setting an example for all.

   Gallagher added that the youth made a big difference in the environment, and he believes everyone should think twice before tossing that plastic bottle in the trash.

   “Help us out one bottle at a time to make a difference,” he said. “Please don’t take it to the landfill. Take it to be recycled.”

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   Friday, April 23, 2010

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