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   Most ballon sculptures-world record set by John Cassidy

[Feb 8]Mont Clare, PA,USA--Montgomery County balloon artist John Cassidy broke the world record for balloon sculpting by inflating and twisting 747 balloons in an hour,

  ''I hope I don't have to do it again,'' Cassidy says. ''I don't know how much faster I can go. But I said that the last three times.''  Photo by: Chapman Baxter, Allentown Morning Call
  (enlarge photo)

  Cassidy, who has broken the balloon sculpting record three times before, doesn't take any chances.

   When he broke the record Nov. 14 at Bucks County Community College, a video camera recorded the entire event. It also captured a clock set prominently in the foreground and two volunteers independently keeping count of the balloons.

   The video and signed affidavits from the two counters were sent to for the verification.

   Earlier this year, Daniele Bottalico of Italy broke Cassidy's previous record by inflating and twisting 722 balloons in an hour.

   Breaking a record isn't as simple as it seems, says Cassidy. For balloon sculpting, there are many rules. All the balloons have to be inflated by mouth, and he has to make at least 30 different designs.

    To break the record, he did the 30 different balloons right away and then alternated between the two quickest sculptures -- a sword and a fish -- because under the rules, he cannot do the same sculpture two times in a row. Cassidy says he also had to make sure each sculpture touched the top of the table before Jennifer pushed it out of the way and onto the floor.

   Cassidy, who recently was the headliner at the DaVinci Science Center's inaugural New Year's Eve party in Allentown, also holds world records for inflating 717 modeling balloons in an hour, fastest balloon sculpture at 6.4 seconds and most balloon sculptures in one minute with 13.

   At this point, the only way to be faster, he says, is to streamline pieces of the process -- things like adjusting the height of the table on which he puts the finished balloons to help make his time a little faster.

   If he hears Bottalico or any other balloon sculptors have beaten his record, he admits he will try again.

   ''No one wants the second fastest balloon guy,'' he says. ''Everybody wants to feel they have something special about themselves. This is my thing.''

  Links: John Cassidy's website ; John Cassidy's MySpace


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